Week 5 – Movies and Television DVR – The Interactive Television

By Cristina Melchior

The dictionaries define DVRs – Digital Video Recorders – as specialized computers with oversized hard disks to store programming. The definition, however, is far short of what DVRs mean to the entertainment industry, especially television. DVRs are changing the way to watch tv because their technology allows consumers control the television content regarding of what they want to watch and when they want to watch.

DVR is an electronic device that records videos in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, or another mass storage device. According to the new consumer research from Leichtman Research Group (LRG), specialized in research and analysis on the broadband, media, and entertainment industries, on February 5, 2016, 81% of US households have a DVR, get Netflix, or use on-Demand (VOD) from a cable or Telco provider.

VOD (Video on Demand) is a service of television that allows viewers to order movies, news, and other programs that are digitally delivered at any time. The DVR is the device that allows the VOD service to be provided. Cable and satellite companies, in turn, are not the only ones to provide the VOD service, there is the competition of streaming such as Apple TV or Amazon Video.

As we can see, DVR and VOD are changing the viewers’ relationship to the television. DVR allows recording any tv program to watch them anytime later. VOD calls up missed shows, it means anyone needs to keep watching tv waiting for the favorite program to start, it’s just ordered it anytime you want. More than that, there is no need to have a tv, all programs are available to be accessed by the computer, the iPad or the cellular phone.

It seems that not only cable and antenna providers are in trouble, but in a near future the television device will be obsolete.


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