Week 5: Movies and TV

Deadpool (favorite of 2016) and American History X (favorite of all time)

By: Luca Ferrieri

One of my favorite movies of all-time, and most certainly my favorite movie in 2016, is Deadpool. Usually, when a movie comes out about superheroes I’m skeptical, but they kept this movie very lively and entertaining throughout. They chose the best candidate, Ryan Reynolds, to play the sarcastic Deadpool and he played it very well. Often times, movie producers try to outdo themselves (if you’ve ever seen Reynolds in The Green Lantern you’ll know what I mean) but they did such a great job in making this movie exactly as it should be portrayed.


Possibly my favorite movie of all time is American History X. It’s a movie that talks about issues with White Supremacy. What really makes this movie great is the acting of the characters and how they portray their roles so effectively. It outlines all the issues that come up with this very sensitive topic very well.



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