Week 5: Movies or Television Mass Comm.

Super Heroes & Orcas

Anelisse Maciel

Week 5

As of now my favorite movies released between 2015-2016 is Captain America: Civil War. I am a huge fan for anything marvel or comic so of course this would be on the top of my list. It’s about two super heros torn between a very political issue and basically splits the entire team/unit in half. It has one very big plot but tons of small plots that branch from it that definitely will be used in various Marvel movies. This is one of my favorite because it was jam packed with actions and character development. Even if it didn’t stay completely true to the comics it still held emotion and truth to each character. Lastly, my all time favorite character actually had more than one word of dialogue which was of course bonus points.

Now going into my all time favorite movie it would have to be Blackfish. It is a heart wrenching documentary about the truth of Orcas in captivity. But it as well focuses on all animals in captivity. It shows real evidence, interviews, and video of the hidden truth behind animal captivity. This movie moved me so much that I became an activist in animal captivity making a pledge to never visit a zoo, aquariums, or any amusement park that holds animals in lockdown.  The first time I ever watched the movie was on Netflix and little did I know it would have impacted me the way it did. It is a captivating film that will change how one views the world of entertainment.


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