Week 7 – Advertising

By Haley Cardamon


“This technique hopes to simplify the decision making process by using images and words to tell the audience exactly what actions to take, eliminating any other possible choices. Authority figures can be used to give the order, overlapping it with the appeal to authority technique, but not necessarily. The Uncle Sam “I want you” image is an example of this technique.” An example of tho method would be when a commercial says “Call now!”. The commercial will have “call now!” In big letters and repeat the number over and over.


“The use of an event that generates euphoria or happiness, or using an appealing event to boost morale. Euphoria can be created by declaring a holiday, making luxury items available, or mounting a military parade with marching bands and patriotic messages.” I recently saw example of this method on TV. It was a commercial for Pillsbury crest rolls. The family sat around the table, smiling, want more crest rolls.

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