Week 7: Propaganda in Advertising

By Maneek Rajasansi

The first advertisements that came in my mind was one of the anti-Trump/Hillary advertises that were on the television before the election. The two main techniques used were disinformation and exaggeration. Disinformation technique is when the advertisement creates false news about the subject. In this commercial, they said that because of Hillary being a politian, she has made America unsafe and less prosperous, which is untrue. Hillary, herself, has not made America unsafe; it would we the fault of congress since they pass every law. America is safe too; every country has flaws to it, including America. There’s not as much negative cons in America compared to any other country. The second technique I noticed was exaggeration, which is when the advertisement “stretches the truth”. Throughout the commercial, it kept going to the narrator’s voice and black and white colors. The picture itself was so exaggerated! Also, each clip they would show of Hillary was cut so the narrator was able to manipulate what Hillary said and embellish what she said.


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