Week: 7 Propaganda in Advertising

Influential Propaganda

By: Humberto Aleman

Propaganda and advertisement has evolved throughout the years with many different techniques forming along the way. Growing up I never really noticed the effects that certain ads had on me and the way I perceived certain products. As I grew older I became more aware of the amount of influence some ads were giving me and the way some were forming my way of thinking. Not too long ago my mother showed me this ad that she saw in a magazine and it depicted two propaganda techniques that are used to help form certain ideas in people’s minds.

The first technique that is used in the ad below is “loaded language” which is when specific words and phrases with strong emotional implications are used to influence the audience. The ad uses the word “banned” in the same sentence as the word “child” and for many parents that could spark interest in them into reading what the ad is about. The second technique that is used is “appeal to fear” which is depicted in the picture as a kid is holding an assault rifle at a school. Even if it isn’t insinuating a school shooting is going to happen it is still making the reader picture a possibility of this happening if assault rifles aren’t banned.




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