Week 7: Propaganda in Advertising

1940’s Advertisements against Hitler and Germany

By: Luca Ferrieri

In the 1940s ads ran across the United States to help drive people in fighting against Nazi Germany. This advertisement utilizes flag-wave, which represents an ad that plays on the unity of everyone as ‘patriots’ commonly used during times of conflict. The ad uses a technique called ad hominem, too. Ad hominem comes from latin and means to attack one’s opponent. Similarly to flag-waving, countries commonly exercise the use of ad hominem to generate that feeling of a common opponent, thus hopefully bringing people together. With this ad, we see mocking of the opponent using their own language against them (heil, a pun presumably for ‘hail’ or ‘bow’). It’s also sending a message that we must unify together, like a feeling of patriotism, to fight a common enemy.


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