Week 7: Propaganda in Advertising

By Naing Win Aung

For this blog, I looked up the propaganda techniques on Wikipedia and some other sites. I saw a few interesting advertisements when I searched online, but I found this Nike advertisement unique.

There are several propaganda techniques used in this advertisement alone. First of all, it’s “Beautiful people” technique which is a type of propaganda that deals with famous people to make people think that they could be successful just like them if they use this product/brand. In this particular advertisement, it uses the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to promote both Ronaldo and its product which is known as “Testimonial.” It is evident that “Slogan” is also used in this ad as Nike’s slogan phrase is simply “Just Do it.” Besides, it has powerful words to invokes strong emotions effect on the product without actually giving away any information or reasons known as “Glittering Generalities” that is also one of the propaganda techniques. Therefore, there are 4 propaganda techniques used in this advertisement.

Advertisement link : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CEfSPSyVAAEoioF.jpg:large


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