Week 7 Propaganda in Advertising

Week 7 – Propaganda in Advertising Blog 6

By Philong Nguyen

Propaganda Techniques

Technique: Common Man

The technique used here, common man gets the viewers attention by portraying an everyday guy doing something specific in the advertisement. For example, in the video, a normal guy having lunch with a friend is eating Subway Sandwiches because it helps his body stay healthy as he has to work hard. It gives a sense to the viewer as if “Hey, if this guy can do it, I can too.”


Technique: Bandwagon

With this technique, it shows someone who follows another group because of an action or look. In this event during the video, stylish kids walk up, and the kid in the car wants to look like everyone else. The blatant advertising for old navy shows that it is, cool, hip, and in the trend. It also shows a “sale” which to the viewer helps them feel as if they are saving a lot of money.


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