Week 7: Propaganda In Advertising Blog 7

Types Of Propaganda

By David Bahk

According to Wikipedia propaganda is “misleading information used to promote a certain view or cause. And this “propaganda” is seen in all aspects of our life but is most obvious in our ads. All ads played on television to even our smart phone have inevitable elements of propaganda inserted  in them.

In a Nike advertisement we see the use of a slogan and logo prevalent inside the ad, these elements of propaganda tie the element or positive image of the ad with the brand and slogan for the company. In the end of the ad clip the logo check mark and slogan “just do it” appear to make sure the audience knows the remarkable feats the men and women athletes do our only possible via Nike.

Even though one might think how is a picture of a logo and couple words of slogan really propaganda, the affect of these types of propaganda could not be more clear. Subconsciously the viewers of the ad attach their brain with better performance in sports just as the people in the Nike ad with the check symbol as well as the slogan “just do it”. Viewers of the ad do not know they are linking enhancement of sports with the companies symbol and logo, this is why we call the practice of putting in logos and slogans as propaganda. The companies are brainwashing viewers who are not aware of propaganda without them even knowing, which is why it is misleading way of promoting a certain view. Hence this video is indeed using propaganda!


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