Week 8: Media Law Equals Three vs. Jukin Media

By Naing Win Aung

It is about the recent fair-use case between Equals Three and Jukin Media where Equals Three used multiple viral videos that Jukin controlled in its comedy programs without actually obtaining the licenses. As a result, Jukin warned Equal Three that it is illegal to do so. However, Equal Three argued that they made fair uses of their videos by editing them, and only used the necessary part for entertainment. The court could have favored over Equal Three since they only found one video that was heavily edited and transformed because it needed to match their creativity in the comedy show.  However, Equal Three failed to request the court to have a favor for that matter, so it ended neutral.

In my opinion, the fair uses of viral videos are legal as long as the users do not make it copyright. Also, I think the company should carefully check up the copyright of the videos that they are putting up on their content, so they do not have to deal with the copyright law case.

Case’s site: http://www.medialawmonitor.com/2016/07/fair-use-viral-videos-and-correcting-the-record-about-the-jukin-case/


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