Week 8- Media Law

Reed v. Town of Gilbert

Week 8

Media Law

Karan Abrol

In 2015 a church in Arizona challenged the Town of Gilbert’s regulations regarding signs for political, ideological or directional purposes. The court recognized the violation of the First Amendment and struck down the regulations in question. The First Amendment looks down on discrimination of forms of media based on its content- only laws that directly serve compelling states’ interests are constitutional, according to Justice Thomas. Surprisingly, the Court ruled 9 – 0 in favor of striking down the restrictions and regarding them unconstitutional. It seems that the restriction of visual media made the church feel targeted, as it wasn’t allowed to publicize its own agenda using the same forms of media politicians and corporations are. The Court was able to come together and fix policy in favor of reducing the media’s ability to discriminate against groups with disproportionate influence over the public.


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