Week 9: Internet- Blog 8

Internet Gaming Addiction

David Bahk

Gaming addiction in my opinion is now easier, with gaming being readily available on our everyday devices from our laptop to even our smartphones. I personally feel the internet games are currently the most popular, the most popular internet game in our current years would be League Of Legend. League Of Legend is a free to play internet game that my friend Justin became seriously addicted to.

Sadly the game is extremely additive and even naturally has its players use money to buy in game items which can lead to even more problems aside from just the addictive nature of the game. My friend Justin ended up spending slightly over a thousand dollars on a game that is free to play!

Both internet gaming, and gaming in general purposely make it so it is addicting. And like any addiction, it has negative backlashes on its users naturally. Justin Community College grades begin to slip when he really got hooked onto League Of Legend. He would not even hang out with his closest friend because he did not want to leave the house and the game. Luckily, for Justin a lot of his friend were ex internet video game addicts, and they taught him to slowly detach himself from the game to overcome his addiction. So now Justin is no longer an internet gamer no longer because he cannot manage himself from being a casual to non stop gamer. I myself enjoy internet gaming and indeed League Of Legend, but am thankfully not an addict. I thank my family and dog Jangu for this.


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