Week 9: Internet–Blog 8

The Boundless Internet

By Celeste DiLullo

The Internet is extremely convenient for me. Since I don’t indulge in shopping on a daily basis, I never know if I will like anything in the clothing stores. It’s way easier for me to shop online and find clothes I know I will like in sizes that will fit me. It also makes gaming easier because I don’t have to obtain physical copies of video games; I can have them downloaded after paying for the games. I do not know of anyone who has developed an addiction to play games or clothes shop. I don’t think addiction is a good or bad thing. I think it depends on the intrepration or experiences that come with the addiction association, but I think addiction needs to be changed. It’s neither good or bad: it’s a phase. Whether an addiction is good or bad is up to the audience/listeners/observors/participants of the addictive action.

Where I shop: This is where I get my gamesWhere I get gifts/clothesAnother place I shop for decent clothes



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