Week 9: The Internet

By Maneek Rajasansi

I’ve used the Internet for gaming and  occasionally use it for shopping. Personally, I’ve never grown addicted to online shopping or gaming. I think people have the ability to be able to cut off their usage of it gets out of hand, yet I have a friend who is addicted to gaming. He doesn’t really go out anymore because he is always gaming. He spends all his time playing League of Legends because of his high “elo”, which is a ranking system. To maintain his “elo”, he says he has to keep playing daily.

I do not understand how people can get addicted to the Internet to the point where is it truly an addiction. My friend does not go out because he would rather build his ranking in the game than go out. I am not sure if he will ever stop gaming or minimize the amount of time he puts into it. I have tried to invite him out but he always cancels, so I don’t know what to think for his situation.

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