Week 9: The Internet

Week 9: The Internet Blog 8

My Experience

By Philong Nguyen

The internet is the largest form of media now a days, as access is getting easier and easier. It is everywhere, in every residential building, shopping mall, office building, and is only expanding more and more. Majority of large entertainment and news media has moved over to the internet to use social media, and to set up their own websites in order to connect with the average person.

Being someone who uses the internet quite a bit, it’s helped connect with old friends, and find new friends I meet when I am out and about. Since the internet is so easy to be accessed, I am an addict, a lot of us are, just checking everything trying to be entertained. A great thing I learned to get off was to get a dog. Ever since I got a dog, we take walks instead of me staying home and using the internet. It has pretty much cut the amount of time I spend online in half.

I had problems just sitting there when I quit swimming, it really took a toll on my body. The amount of strength I used to have has really diminished over time, and my body has been growing more and more. Being fit was a really big part of who I am and it means a lot to be able to fit old clothes, and not have to buy new ones all the time.


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