Week 10: Media Ethics

By Maneek Rajasansi

I believe that in life there needs to be rules to everything because if there was not there would be no guidelines to follow. When it comes to media ethics, I believe it is important to have. As I said, there needs to be rules to follow; however, I think that sometimes reporters need to break them in order to get exciting news. Recently, I feel like the news has been reporting news that is not exciting or catches my attention. Some new outlets do break the ethics by not reporting the truth or the “full truth”, yet it still did not excite me because they have to report that they gave false information. I believe sometimes reporters should go undercover to report, for that is how raw news can come from. I feel as though news is in a uninteresting transfix and something needs to change, if that be that they go against and with the media ethics, then so be it.


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