Week 10: Media Ethics – Blog 9

Media Unethical Practices

David Bahk

Sadly, media ethics are at an all time low, just take a look at our corporate cable news station. Every station from ABC News, MSNBC, and even CNN do not call out untrue news or even stress the lies being spread by powerful politicians in our government. The news reporters that work for these national stations get paid high salaries yet do not want to do real journalism and call the unjust practices done by our corrupt politicians.

The new reporters cannot call out the unjust practices by corrupt politicians because they are worried if they do, they will lose access to interview these politicians. The perfect example is Donald Trump. Donald Trump time and time again would lie to the American people, yet the news stations would never press at him on these issues where he lies to the faces of our people.

These days people do not know if they can even trust journalist in these corporate stations to actually do real journalism. Many times these corporate news stations have dark money being poured into their companies to sponsor or not press on certain issues and topics. No wonder we the people do not see on the news often of issues like the Dakota pipeline protest currently going on. This is why my age group the millennials do not turn to cable news station as a main source of news, but actually progressive news stations like the Young Turks.


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