Week 10. Media Ethics.

by Dmitry Dolgopolov

The problem of ethics is one of the most important nowadays. The today’s media can make a person famous in a few days. So, it is obvious that it can increase the reputation as well as kill it. So, the matter of following the ethics or not is faced by every writer, publicist, journalist.

In my opinion, most of the media tries not to violate the ethics nowadays. Especially, if you take any respected and appreciated journals as Atlantic or New Yorker, they never give away the resources if they can damage any person’s authority.

However, if you decide to read the “yellow” press, they usually don’t care about anything. They want to get money and even if the information is obviously fake or not proved yet they can publish it.

So, I suppose that there is no correct answer to the question whether media follows any rules or not. It depends on the point of view and whether we should or not take yellow press into the account.


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