Week 10 – Media Ethics

By Hope Weston

Ethics are a tricky subject in today’s world. With the rise of the conservative, right-wing ideal of Christian-based morals it can be hard to distinguish between what is righteous, and what is just good. In terms of Media, there has always been a thin line between finding the truth at all costs and trying not to step on any toes. In the days of journalism’s beginnings with Newspapers and the first reporters, we have this kind of pipe-dream that they were all there for the right reasons, to tell the right stories and get to the bottom of things to show their readers… Then at the beginning of sensationalism we see a huge shift towards what is entertaining, flashy, and shocking rather than telling the story like it is. I believe this was the beginning of the end of Media Ethics. Since then, magazines, televisions, newspapers and of course the Internet have all fought for attention, leading them to report only the fearful, biased stories that will keep their audience hooked. Especially with online sources today being able to say/print whatever they want without hardly ever being double checked!! I believe that Media Ethics now lay in the hands of the audience… for we must use our own ethics and logic to discern between what is shocking and entertaining, and what is true.


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