Week 10: Media Ethics in Burma

By Naing Win Aung

Different countries showcase media differently; as a result, I think it is tough to explain the way I view the ethics in today’s media in general. In fact, I would love to share my opinion on the media ethics in my country. In Burma, there was the time when our political status was corrupted. The government controlled most of the press. Journalists had gone through a hard time and even jailed for reporting and criticizing the truthfulness of the government. The media did not have any free rights to give the accuracy information that is necessary for the citizens. Since the government controlled the media, they would often time manipulate and convey false information to the public. Some media groups worked outside of the country; they were not biased, and they follow the ethic’s code. The government censored the media group as soon as they found out what they were doing. Besides, they denied the entry of the people who worked in those groups into the country.

Nevertheless, the way media run have changed recently after the political system in Burma changes. There are several major newspapers now has an opposing party as their front page which would get banned or censored. However, the government still partially controls the media. Thus, the press cannot fully criticize the government and follow the media ethically.


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