Week 9: Media Ethics

Differentiating the Truth and the False and Pursue the True Information

By Thomas Lin

In today’s society where we can create information on the Internet, but sometimes some of of the information that we get on the Internet is not exactly true and some of the important information that people in the public needs to know for some reasons only get little coverage in the news is something that I think it’s not acceptable in the media ethics, because journalists has the responsibility to tell us what’s really going when an new information is happening at a certain location within the U.S. or around the world. Even when the medias doesn’t want to give us the real facts about what’s really happening, we as each individuals in the public should be able to tell apart what’s are the real facts and what’s not; also, we should pursue the truth when the information we are looking for is false. That’s what I believes in we as each individuals should do when the medias don’t give us the real facts.


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