Week 9 – The Internet

By Hope Weston

I have known many people in my generation who have been caught up in the whirlwind of online gaming, dating, socializing and shopping. I feel like everyone around me has some of their daily time consumed by the internet in one way or another, although I cannot think of a specific person who was more “addicted” than the rest. I have seen people spend hours and hours scrolling, posting, meeting new people and shopping endlessly. It all seems to be the normal thing these days. I even find myself, because of my business, spending my days with my eyes glued to the screen. The best thing we can do is take time to turn off, walk away and experience life as it is happening – not through a lens. I personally have been making more efforts to put my phone away at concerts or events, during meals and while I’m studying or doing other homework. It greatly helps to live in the moment and “turn off” a few times a day. I hope everyone will adapt to this style of taking breaks or turning off completely.


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