Blog #10

by Cristina Melchior

Three “Aha”! moments:

1 – The first Aha moment was the class content. I didn’t know what to expect because I never thought about studying Journalism.

2 – The concept of “long tail” and “short head” helped to understand the difference between the e-commerce and physical stores.

3 – It was a surprise to realize how advertisers control the media.

I was completely illiterate about to media in U.S. I can tell now that, although I am not an expert, I know how and where to look for information next time I need it.

Media impact and messages in our day lives are very well-known, but we never think about it. This class was an opportunity to understand what the First Amendment means and the implications of free speech.

The video attached illustrates the power of Internet as the new mainstream. A teenager from Holland made a video trying to speak Portuguese. Nobody knew her before this video which had 1,146,235 views. She became famous in Brazil only because she tried to speak a language she doesn’t know.


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