Week 10–Blog 9

Media Ethics Today

By Celeste DiLullo

I believe that there are almost no ethics being used in the media today. Because of the Internet’s growth and accessibility, it is possible for any story to be popular, regardless of the contents. The upraising in false/fake news seems to enforce this idea. While I believe that the ethics should be at the heart of any media involvement, it is easier said than done. People have their own opinions, and will look for anything that supplies and validates their opinion. People no longer have time to check their sources, nor do they have time to think about the  consequences of breaking the ethics code. The majority of the population believe whatever articles say, but can’t recognize the biases behind them. People are assuming that the reporters/sources will be credible and report news accurately. But with the increased popularity of the 24-hour news cycles, there simply isn’t time to dedicate fact-checking for every single story.



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