Week 10 – Class Highlights

By Hope Weston

I have greatly enjoyed my time in this mass communications class, and have a few “aha!” moments as well. The first was recognizing that all media is mass media, and that everything from the margins moves to the center. So even if I think “That’s not the media’s real thoughts” it effects our society none the less! Also learning to recognize the manipulative and false information that has become too prevalent in our media world, so that I can be more well-informed to the truth. These were just 3 of the moments I had in this class!

My media literacy has definitely improved, through the information given in the books and lectures, to the discussions with my classmates from all cultures, races, identities, and beliefs. I feel like I have a greater understanding of the world around me, as well as an passion to educate, and improve, the world around me.


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