Week 10: Media Ethics

Week 10: Media Ethics 

Ethics in today’s media.

By Anelisse Maciel

I believe media ethics in law has gotten better over the years, but still some things broadcasted that are just not right and should not be posted or should have been posted in a different way. News manipulations or that an example we have in class about photo shop. Which is possibly one of the huge ways of media ethics that even today constantly gets used. Of course it is infuriating that this happens so much.

Do I agree that it has gotten better over the years? Yes of course. But I do think there is a long way to go. In class it was discussed that people actually add things in pictures to make it seem like there is actually more destruction or more missile than there actually is. Even today I still can not wrap my head around this but that is just what “ethics” are going on in America. I do know with every year ethics are becoming more of an under the table issue. For me personally I did not hear about ethics until this year in media when I read the textbook. I think the only thing to do to make sure that today’s ethics keep increasing is to make sure to educate. 


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