Week 10: Media Ethics

Week 10 Media Ethics – Blog 9

By Philong Nguyen

As new forms of media take to the internet, there aren’t many regulations that are enforced online in terms of sharing information. Companies that own domains that have control over news, blogs, or any type of social media can take down anything they would want to. Anything from government asking them to anything that ruins the companies, or someone who works with the companies reputation. In a sense, sensitive material posted online that could scar someone is usually restricted by most major social media and news companies.

Most social media users nowadays worry about everything they post and get afraid when they get negative feedback. These people take precautions of posting anything sensitive and only want likes or to be noticed as a good person online. While sharing most people try to impress their friends, or anyone they’ve “become friends” with online. Negative things online are mostly left for the darker sides of the internet. For example, on websites such as 4chan(.)org or reddit, there are some blog post that tread lightly on the subject of negative content. (i.e. Gore, war, animal abuse). But these websites don’t show as much explicit content found on the dark side of the internet as anonymity is more apparent.


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