Week 11: Class Highlights

By Maneek Rajasansi

Three “Aha!” moments I had this year:

  1. Almost every television channel is owned by six different companies. I never understood why a Disney On Ice commercial would program on ESPN or on ABC until I found out Disney owns both stations.
  2. Children are easily effected about media, like advertising, because no one teaches them media literacy. The media programs content just to attracts viewers; however, sometimes children are unable to tell that the content is exaggerated or unrealistic.
  3. High school students’ privileges are limited when they’re in school. They are unable to truly have free speech and post or say what they desire if it goes again school rules. Since they are minors, principals can punish their students if they act out of the school’s standards of behavior.

This class has taught me a lot about the different forms of mass media and how they are relevant in everyone’s life. I do not think I can imagine a world without media, nor can I try and detach myself from all the forms. This class has proven that media literacy needs to be taught. Before this class, I would generalize media as a whole and assume how they negatively impact society; however, media is not the one to blame, it is how humans interact with it and use it. I believe this is a class every college student should take, especially since we are the generation that grew up with the most forms of media available.


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