WEEK: 11 Class Highlights

What I Learned

BY: Humberto Aleman

The first “aha” moment I had in class was when I realized there was six major corporations that controlled most of the media. The second “aha” moment I had was during chapter five when we discussed magazine’s and their effects on societies views on beauty. The last “aha” moment I had was learning the different forms of medium’s societies use and the one I use the most.

JOUR 2 taught me more than I could’ve imagined when signing up for the course. I learned how to be media literate and to be investigative when it comes to information that media gives us. I never really paid much attention to the media until taking this course and moving forward I will be aware of what type of media I am consuming. Every media message I receive now whether it be on the radio or television I find myself analyzing it and breaking down the messages it is trying to convey to me.

I thought I would post this video  because it is in the top five things I will never forget about the class and I believe it depicts our society in the best way possible.


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