Week 11: Class Highlights

Week 11: Class Highlights – Blog 10

By Philong Nguyen

This class being my first has really help kickstart my thoughts about being here. Good and bad, good in the sense as I saw that people were a lot more blind when it comes to dealing with media myself included. I don’t know much, being as young as I am, and certainly will not be able to know everything.

Some aha moments I had were, that I never really understood what country music was, not have I listened to it a whole bunch, but found out that it was just parents and adults complaining. Another moment was during public relations and Bill Clinton’s advisor advising him to “Tell the Truth, Tell it all, Tell it early, Tell it yourself.” And lastly a moment that really stuck with me was that, most of the new media, content creators, the “Educated” are mostly all liberal in a sense of wanting new change and not seeing the immediate outcome.


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