Week 11: Class Highlights

The Three Learned Information

By Thomas Lin

The three new information I learned from the class was satellite delivery was much more common at other parts of the world than cable television, knowing the journalist Nellie Bly who went undercover to find out about the truth about a women’s lunatic asylum abusing the inmates, and minorities would get less coverage in the media than a white person.

Nellie Bly was an journalist who went undercover to find out the truth if a women’s lunatic asylum was abusing the inmates by spending ten days in the lunatic asylum. In the media, the minorities gets less coverage and attention because people and the media thinks that if the media reports the story it wouldn’t get as interesting compare to the reported story on the white person. The satellite television delivery is an type of television delivery that uses the satellite to get the picture from other places to the home owner’s television.



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