Week 11: Class Highlights – Blog 10

Aha Moments

David Bahk

Throughout the course the there were many aha moments I had, but the seven secrets, media source of income synergy, and struggles of certain media platforms were the top three highlights of the course. In the seven secret “new media is always scary” made me realize the danger new media platforms cause on old existing media platforms like magazines especially. Media synergy made me realize the bias media has towards its corporate owners or media synergy it has with other businesses. For example, ABC News rarely does bad press about Disneyland , because they are the same company. Struggles of certain media platforms due to the internet was fascinating, how new and free news hurts corporations that charge money for news and information.

Now I know to not believe media blindly, but rather see where their perspective is coming from and what biases they have. For example, now I know that Fox News information as I learned in class actually has mostly a conservative point of view. They have a right wing bias. And CNN has ties to other companies and they are not entirely free of bias either.

I also learned that are constitutional rights also have limitations. When there were wars that went on in our country, there were repeatedly times the country took away free speech both from the public and media as well. Now I know the importance and how precious it is to speak up our minds and thoughts in media, and more views there are the better.


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