Week: 9 Internet

Gaming Habits

By: Humberto Aleman

Between the ages of 5 to 10 I spent my summer mornings before basketball practice playing Nintendo 64 with one of my cousins who was a year older than I was and lived around the corner. The older I became the more I lost interest in video games and the different consoles that were releasing. My cousin on the other hand became far more involved in the online gaming world and later on started subscribing to websites such as Game Informer. The more gaming consoles and networks advanced the more he seemed to be captivated by the online gaming world and the only aspect of his life that it has affected him is his social life. He has maintained to keep the same friends from high school but unable to make new friends in real life. Many of the new people he associates himself with are mainly those he meets online while gaming. Most of his free time is spent in front of his television and gaming console with little to no time of being out in public socializing face to face. He has done almost nothing to change his way of living but he continues to be happy and not let his addiction negatively affect his life to the point of self destruction. I believe as his relationship continues to grow with his girlfriend he might start to realize what is more important and maybe slowly grow apart from his gaming addiction.



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