Week 9: Internet Anelisse Maciel

Week 9: Internet

Not so Addicted

By Anelisse Maciel

There are so many people who rely on the internet for so many things. I did my research project actually on  online dating, and wow some of the stats were insane from the amount of people who actually do online dating. There is definitely an addiction to the internet. I know if let’s say you have to go and type a paper on your computer, you are most likely going to go and also go on Facebook, twitter, etc. It is just almost natural to go and go on the internet to look up the answer or to see what is going on.

Internet is quick and easy. Recently it has been way more easier to go on the internet and search up anything a person would want. With quick articles to read it makes actually finding information thoughtfully like nothing. Personally internet has become a part of my life but I know for a fact it does not rule me. For my entire summer last year I had very limited access to the internet and social media. My phone was broken and only allowed for text and call. As well as my old computer has terrible set up to the internet so there would only be a few times I would be able to access the media. I relied on newspaper, tv news, tv in general, or magazines. It honestly helped me not get the addition to internet so many people have and I even today find myself not going on my phone or opening my laptop unless I truly need to.


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