Week 9: The Internet

The Internet Gaming Addiction

By: Luca Ferrieri


Internet gaming continues to grow at a rapid pace and more people are developing problems of addiction. How can this happen? Well, like any other addiction it happens from continued and prolonged exposure. Any substance taken in overabundance impacts the user more than they realize until too late (usually). I have friends that spend hours and hours on end gaming, and while they insist there is not a problem, personal hygiene and health would beg to differ.

One friend in particular spends 24 hours consecutively gaming when a new anticipated game comes out. It even goes so far as to post it to his live twitch account (twitch is a site that allows the user to stream their activities for free to the world with a url they can access). There are some people online with massive twitch followings. Similarly, I believe, to how certain people get caught up in having as many followers as possible on instagram, the gamer community tries to gather as many followers during a gaming session as possible. An ESPN Video called Conquering a Video Game Addiction  shows the account of an all-USA wrestler that ended up losing his scholarship due to his problem with computer games. As media users we must take great caution when it comes to video game exposure, because it clearly has more of an effect on us than we realize.


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