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Week 9: Internet Anelisse Maciel

Week 9: Internet

Not so Addicted

By Anelisse Maciel

There are so many people who rely on the internet for so many things. I did my research project actually on  online dating, and wow some of the stats were insane from the amount of people who actually do online dating. There is definitely an addiction to the internet. I know if let’s say you have to go and type a paper on your computer, you are most likely going to go and also go on Facebook, twitter, etc. It is just almost natural to go and go on the internet to look up the answer or to see what is going on.

Internet is quick and easy. Recently it has been way more easier to go on the internet and search up anything a person would want. With quick articles to read it makes actually finding information thoughtfully like nothing. Personally internet has become a part of my life but I know for a fact it does not rule me. For my entire summer last year I had very limited access to the internet and social media. My phone was broken and only allowed for text and call. As well as my old computer has terrible set up to the internet so there would only be a few times I would be able to access the media. I relied on newspaper, tv news, tv in general, or magazines. It honestly helped me not get the addition to internet so many people have and I even today find myself not going on my phone or opening my laptop unless I truly need to.


Week 10: Media Ethics

Week 10: Media Ethics 

Ethics in today’s media.

By Anelisse Maciel

I believe media ethics in law has gotten better over the years, but still some things broadcasted that are just not right and should not be posted or should have been posted in a different way. News manipulations or that an example we have in class about photo shop. Which is possibly one of the huge ways of media ethics that even today constantly gets used. Of course it is infuriating that this happens so much.

Do I agree that it has gotten better over the years? Yes of course. But I do think there is a long way to go. In class it was discussed that people actually add things in pictures to make it seem like there is actually more destruction or more missile than there actually is. Even today I still can not wrap my head around this but that is just what “ethics” are going on in America. I do know with every year ethics are becoming more of an under the table issue. For me personally I did not hear about ethics until this year in media when I read the textbook. I think the only thing to do to make sure that today’s ethics keep increasing is to make sure to educate. 

Week 5: Movies or Television Mass Comm.

Super Heroes & Orcas

Anelisse Maciel

Week 5

As of now my favorite movies released between 2015-2016 is Captain America: Civil War. I am a huge fan for anything marvel or comic so of course this would be on the top of my list. It’s about two super heros torn between a very political issue and basically splits the entire team/unit in half. It has one very big plot but tons of small plots that branch from it that definitely will be used in various Marvel movies. This is one of my favorite because it was jam packed with actions and character development. Even if it didn’t stay completely true to the comics it still held emotion and truth to each character. Lastly, my all time favorite character actually had more than one word of dialogue which was of course bonus points.

Now going into my all time favorite movie it would have to be Blackfish. It is a heart wrenching documentary about the truth of Orcas in captivity. But it as well focuses on all animals in captivity. It shows real evidence, interviews, and video of the hidden truth behind animal captivity. This movie moved me so much that I became an activist in animal captivity making a pledge to never visit a zoo, aquariums, or any amusement park that holds animals in lockdown.  The first time I ever watched the movie was on Netflix and little did I know it would have impacted me the way it did. It is a captivating film that will change how one views the world of entertainment.

Week 3 Magazine

By Anelisse Maciel

Name of magazine: Life Faults

Concept – The magazine reaches out to all young women that tell the truth about identity, sexuality, body image struggles, women health. This that young women would need to know. Has actual articles written by women going through issues that they wished someone told them about.

Readers – All ethnicities. Ages 18-25. Females/Gender fluid. All income.

Other magazines serving this demographic (your competition) – Cosmopolitan, Glamour. Those magazine focus on makeup and how to lose weight and what color compliments your skin tone. Life Faults focuses on the nitty gritty no one wants to talk about but someone should.

Five advertisers: Planned Parenthood, YWCA, local counseling, local universities that will be offering women empowerment lectures, Beyoncé, female political figures.

Five articles you might include in your premier issue:

  • “Women Belong in the House and the Senate.”
  • “10 Lies about Sex”
  • “How I knew I was a Girl: A story of Transition”
  • “Sexism and Racism with Everything in Between.”
  • “Birth Control: The Truth of the Pill”

Describe the cover of your premier issue: Earthy tones, neutrals, simplistic, clean.

Week 4: Audio Anelisse Maciel

Week 4: Audio

New and old classics

Anelisse Maciel

“Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga

This song is very different than the majority of Lady Gaga’s typical music. This is one is my new and favorite piece to listen to because not only does it not involve heavy pop influence it is very acoustic which is something I very much enjoy. Lastly, the lyrics of the songs are not just wordless they have true meaning behind it and can be interpreted in various ways. Again a huge contrast to some of Lady Gaga’s older songs.

“Don’t You” by Simple Minds

Hopefully this counts as an Oldie song because this is my ultimate favorite song ever. This became my favorite after watching “The Breakfast Club” (also one of my favorite movies). The song also played a huge part in my senior year of high school and I still jam out to this song in my car on full blast. I first heard this song in my Psychology class where were to analyze the characters in the movie and since then it’s been a non stop replay.

Week 2: Media Impact

Week 2: Media Impact

Donald Trump’s Blame

Anelisse Maciel

In the midst of a political showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton it is rather appropriate to see media’s impact on the conservative candidate.

The top thing media plays in is the election. It is also the top thing the candidates blame all of their problems on. Trump on more than one occasion blamed media that news reporters were only focusing on Clinton’s “good”  aspects and nothing else. Which most likely led to a decrease of Trump’s polls compared to Clinton’s.

Trump blames journalist, social media, news channels, radio stations, and more. With a political election what the media portrays of each candidate reflects on a voters choice. As well as the portrayal links into real life problems and idea of who is fit to run for president.

For a candidate it is also very important to get max news coverage. Like we have all seen Trump has not been getting the most forgiving spotlight (unless it is on a biased channel like Fox news). With his sexist, racist, and homophobic comments Trump receives negative backlash in real life. As in protestors, loosing endorsers (or Republicans to support his race), as well as loosing supporters.

Of course he does not take back what he said, instead he blames the media for false reports. That journalist misinterpret what Trump said and is doing this on purpose.Basically like Huffington  Post said that Donald Trump blames media for his controversies. Anything that happens that puts Trump in a bad light, he simply blames on others than himself.

Donald Trump blame on media


Week 1: Media Autobiography

Week 1: Media Autobiography

Wallflower’s social media discovery

By: Anelisse Maciel


Books were one of my greatest escape and possibly the only type of media I had a say on. For television, magazine, radio, and internet I had very controlling parents looming over my shoulder. I even clearly remember when I was thirteen my Mom clicked off the news because I was, “too young and too innocent” to watch. Besides only watching cartoons, reading Tigerbeat, and listening to Radio Disney I never was exposed to anything impacting on my life.

Until I joined Facebook in eighth grade. Once being a girl who didn’t even know what a Twitter was in less than two short months I became a social media star with my small three followers also know as: my three best friends. My addiction to social media began. From Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube.  I connected with people across the world, now looking back, was actually a scary thing because I was practically talking to strangers. There was no “online safety.” Even now with cyber bullying threatening every turn no one  really hears the backfire of using the internet in the “wrong way.”

Being a late bloomer about the internet and social media I learned most about it when I joined Journalism in my Sophomore year of high school. Mostly about recording, news papers, news stations, making our newspaper public. From going to conventions and being exposed to tons of news reporters, to writing stories about an Officer who was shot due to gang violence, obituaries, and of course A&E fluff. I can definitely see where my interest in communication and PR came into play.

Hoping one day to be a Publicist the internet, magazines, and television will be vital for my success.  I can’t imagine a day without internet and books. But these two very separate objects seem to  be now molding into one. Which I am not the happiest about and I always will  stay true to my paper back books before “googling” an answer.


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