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Week 5: Movie Or Television- Blog 5

Movies Over Televison

Late Work

David Bahk

My favorite movie of 2016 has to actually be the recent addition to Harry Potter universe “Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them” by J.K. Rowling. The film has just a little bit of everything for just about everyone. It gives off emotions of wonder and playfulness in the snow, and even a tad bit of anxiety and suspense as well. Rowling’s wizardly world of Newt Scamander creativity was simply off the charts insane, from creatures that can go invisible to even a bird that went from the size of King Kong to fit in a tea-pot.

While “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was my film of the year, my favorite film of all time has to go to “Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith”. As a kid growing up I would pretend as many other kids of my time to be a Jedi. I would cut up noodles used for swimming and use them as lightsabers because my parents would not buy me a “real” toy lightsaber. As a child growing up Star Wars was simply perfect, it helped me believe that my imaginations can be endless. The movie offered me an escapism from reality when sometimes school history classes of George Washington was not cutting it for me.

Rotten Tomato:
(Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

(Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith)



Week 11: Class Highlights – Blog 10

Aha Moments

David Bahk

Throughout the course the there were many aha moments I had, but the seven secrets, media source of income synergy, and struggles of certain media platforms were the top three highlights of the course. In the seven secret “new media is always scary” made me realize the danger new media platforms cause on old existing media platforms like magazines especially. Media synergy made me realize the bias media has towards its corporate owners or media synergy it has with other businesses. For example, ABC News rarely does bad press about Disneyland , because they are the same company. Struggles of certain media platforms due to the internet was fascinating, how new and free news hurts corporations that charge money for news and information.

Now I know to not believe media blindly, but rather see where their perspective is coming from and what biases they have. For example, now I know that Fox News information as I learned in class actually has mostly a conservative point of view. They have a right wing bias. And CNN has ties to other companies and they are not entirely free of bias either.

I also learned that are constitutional rights also have limitations. When there were wars that went on in our country, there were repeatedly times the country took away free speech both from the public and media as well. Now I know the importance and how precious it is to speak up our minds and thoughts in media, and more views there are the better.

Week 10: Media Ethics – Blog 9

Media Unethical Practices

David Bahk

Sadly, media ethics are at an all time low, just take a look at our corporate cable news station. Every station from ABC News, MSNBC, and even CNN do not call out untrue news or even stress the lies being spread by powerful politicians in our government. The news reporters that work for these national stations get paid high salaries yet do not want to do real journalism and call the unjust practices done by our corrupt politicians.

The new reporters cannot call out the unjust practices by corrupt politicians because they are worried if they do, they will lose access to interview these politicians. The perfect example is Donald Trump. Donald Trump time and time again would lie to the American people, yet the news stations would never press at him on these issues where he lies to the faces of our people.

These days people do not know if they can even trust journalist in these corporate stations to actually do real journalism. Many times these corporate news stations have dark money being poured into their companies to sponsor or not press on certain issues and topics. No wonder we the people do not see on the news often of issues like the Dakota pipeline protest currently going on. This is why my age group the millennials do not turn to cable news station as a main source of news, but actually progressive news stations like the Young Turks.

Social Media’s Nature

Social Media’s nature to distort the teen’s realities.

David Bahk


Week 9: Internet- Blog 8

Internet Gaming Addiction

David Bahk

Gaming addiction in my opinion is now easier, with gaming being readily available on our everyday devices from our laptop to even our smartphones. I personally feel the internet games are currently the most popular, the most popular internet game in our current years would be League Of Legend. League Of Legend is a free to play internet game that my friend Justin became seriously addicted to.

Sadly the game is extremely additive and even naturally has its players use money to buy in game items which can lead to even more problems aside from just the addictive nature of the game. My friend Justin ended up spending slightly over a thousand dollars on a game that is free to play!

Both internet gaming, and gaming in general purposely make it so it is addicting. And like any addiction, it has negative backlashes on its users naturally. Justin Community College grades begin to slip when he really got hooked onto League Of Legend. He would not even hang out with his closest friend because he did not want to leave the house and the game. Luckily, for Justin a lot of his friend were ex internet video game addicts, and they taught him to slowly detach himself from the game to overcome his addiction. So now Justin is no longer an internet gamer no longer because he cannot manage himself from being a casual to non stop gamer. I myself enjoy internet gaming and indeed League Of Legend, but am thankfully not an addict. I thank my family and dog Jangu for this.

Week 8 Media Law – Blog 8

Media Law Case

David Bahk

In 2015 the highest court in the land, Supreme Court took on a case called Elonis v. United States. This case was a dispute on whether threats on social media is or is not fair grounds for suing. Mr. Elonis repeatedly on Facebook would make horrific to even dangerous statements, like his fantasy of murdering a FBI agent, he even made lyrical threat to his own wife! He was then taken to court for the comments he posted on social media website, Facebook. Mr. Elonis lawyer sided that Mr. Elonis was exercising his First Amendment of free speech.

The Supreme Court ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove Mr. Elonis speech was actual real intent of malice or danger. Mr. Elonis was simply using his right to free speech whether on or off social media. In general, the decision the Supreme Court came to makes grounds for prosecution of speech on social media much harder. Despite Mr. Elonis disgusting comments and threats, this is simply him exercising his free speech, I happen to agree with the Supreme Court. We as a government should not be able to limit ones freedom of speech even if it is hateful rhetoric. But, if there was actual evidence that Mr. Elonis was planning to buy a gun to murder the FBI agent, then without a doubt he would have lost the court case!

Week 7: Propaganda In Advertising Blog 7

Types Of Propaganda

By David Bahk

According to Wikipedia propaganda is “misleading information used to promote a certain view or cause. And this “propaganda” is seen in all aspects of our life but is most obvious in our ads. All ads played on television to even our smart phone have inevitable elements of propaganda inserted  in them.

In a Nike advertisement we see the use of a slogan and logo prevalent inside the ad, these elements of propaganda tie the element or positive image of the ad with the brand and slogan for the company. In the end of the ad clip the logo check mark and slogan “just do it” appear to make sure the audience knows the remarkable feats the men and women athletes do our only possible via Nike.

Even though one might think how is a picture of a logo and couple words of slogan really propaganda, the affect of these types of propaganda could not be more clear. Subconsciously the viewers of the ad attach their brain with better performance in sports just as the people in the Nike ad with the check symbol as well as the slogan “just do it”. Viewers of the ad do not know they are linking enhancement of sports with the companies symbol and logo, this is why we call the practice of putting in logos and slogans as propaganda. The companies are brainwashing viewers who are not aware of propaganda without them even knowing, which is why it is misleading way of promoting a certain view. Hence this video is indeed using propaganda!

Week 4 Newspaper or Audio- Blog 4

Should Ethnicity/Minority Manner?

David Bahk


What would happen if News Stations mentioned the ethnicity/gender of individuals the cover during news? Is it necessary to let viewers know the racial divisive or discrimination that is quite apparent throughout the country? News Station should depending on the story indeed let viewers know the ethnicity or gender of those who they cover. We should not broadly claim that all stories News Station cover should disclose this information every single time.

The appropriate time for News Station to disclose the ethnicity or gender of those who they cover when the story pertains to discrimination. For example, if a News Station cover a story of a Muslim American leaving the United States of America because he felt threatened by those around him because of his religion. In this case News Station should let the viewers know the individual leaving the country is a Muslim, if they don’t the viewers will not understand why this man felt threatened. And these kind of news coverage also does a service to end discrimination throughout the country, letting people know discrimination is indeed destructive.

The inappropriate times for News Station to disclose the ethnicity or gender of those they cover is a crime scene scenario. If someone does a crime and the news station states it was because of their religion or their gender, which clouds the real reasoning.

Week 3 Books Or Magazines- Blog 3

Books Influence On My Life

David Bahk

When I was young especially during Elementary to Middle School teachers would assign us library time to read and check out books. The genre that I found myself constantly immersing in was Adventure Fiction. The top three books that really impacted me to who I am now are “Harry Potter” by J.K Rowling, “Warriors” by Erin Hunter, and lastly “Island of The Blue Whales” by Scott O Dell.

“Harry Potter” by J.K Rowling taught me the power and importance of friendship. I was amazed at the bond between Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. They cried together, fought together, and even laughed together. I realized you do not have to do everything alone in life, and it is actually more fulfilling when done with others.

Warriors taught me the importance of practice and patience in order to obtain a goal. In the book, the outsider Firepaw raised by humans climbs himself in the ranks with wild forest cats through patience and practice. Firepaw taught me that I need to put in more time into skills if I want to really make it my own. I was inspired by my  hero Firepaw, a cat, to believe I too can do anything with steady practice and patience.

“Island of The Blue Whales” by Scott O Dell made me realize the importance of having those around us, and helped me appreciate the people around me more. Island of The Blue Whales tells a story about this female Native Indian all alone in solitude for many many “moons”. She became so lonely she started to befriend non-human entities. Her lonely experience made me realize that I am so cheerful and happy to wake up everyday because of my parents, friends, and teachers. The novel really helped me at a young age learn the importance of not taking those around you for granted.


Week 2: Media Impact- Blog 2

Media Corruption On Its Viewers

David Bahk

Media in the U.S serves as one of the main ways its citizens obtains facts going around in the world. Sadly, media due to its corporation funding as well as its caster and owners bias tell non-factual information and many times does not even want to let the truth to be known.  When the media does not try to point out the truth and let people tell lies, the public viewers then start to actually believe in those lies.

Fox News is the perfect example of s supposed news station that does not tell its audience all of the facts and truth. For example, when the nation currently is going through an economic surplus because of the Obama administration Fox news tells the exact opposite. Fox news blames Obama for Isis, they blame Obama for the government going through recession even though it is not, they highlight their bias on Obama and paint him as a devil. So now all the viewers think our economy is about to head into a recession and think Obama is doing a horrid job running the government.

One person who just might be the most incompetent President we ever had got this far due to the media giving him so much attention. That person is Donald Trump. Most people blame media for the popularity and success of Donald Trump. Even during the primaries Donald Trump got over twenty times more media attention than any of his opponents. Whenever Donald says outrageous comments media all flock to him and give him millions of million of dollars worth of T.V time to all of America. Instead of giving fair press on all those in the Republican primary they gave him so much more attention now the American people barely know about any of the other Republican runner-ups other than Donald Trump. And the worst part is they do not, or rarely call him out when he says non-factual information. The media does not call out Donald on his lies because they are scared if they do he might not come on their network. So now not only is media feeding Americans Donalds lies, they are not even correcting those statements making them sound as if it is actually real! That is why Donald Trump is so successful despite being the phoniest and most unprepared individual to get into the White House better yet become the leader of the free world.


Week 1 Media Autobiography – Blog 1

Media’s Impact On My Life

By David Bahk

Media without a doubt surrounds us in every shape or form. The eight most notable forms of media we see in our life: Books, Newspapers, Movies, Magazines, Recordings, Radio, Television, and even the Internet. I personally have been impacted by each and every one of these forms of media, and some media are more influential to me than other ones. The least influential forms of media for me are Newspaper as well as Magazines. Newspaper and magazines require I pay money for the service and that was the main barrier for me from entering these forms of media whereas the other ones are free for the most part. And since I am still relatively young forms of media that did not require reading was more to my taste when I was young, media like this would be Television, Recordings, and the Radio. When I was young I would always watch T.V as soon as I came home and watch CNN with my parents. Or whenever I was in the car going or coming from home I would listen to music on the Radio which is true even now. Forms of media I gravitate to are ones that are user-friendly and ones that do not require too much energy I need to invest. And the easiest one would be the internet, the main source of I rely on for media. Unlike books and magazines that require me to go find them, and each book and magazine are limited in the knowledge or subject it fills in. The internet does all function the other media does but concise it into one media platform making the life for people like me so much easier. The internet has million and millions of books, T.V shows, Magazines, Recordings, Radio, even the old Newspapers. The internet is all these other forms of media only now in once location or platform. That is why in my opinion the internet is the media that has not only the most information we can possibly consume as well as the fastest form of media we can consume!

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