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Week: 10 Media Ethics

Today’s Media Ethics

By: Humberto Aleman

Media can be a hit or miss when it comes to being ethical and in today’s society the main form of media that can be controversial is photo and video journalism. Images and videos are far more powerful at igniting emotions on its viewers and deciding what is deemed ethical to show to the world can be tricky. I believe the world needs to see what is being documented regardless if it’s gruesome or hard to watch. Media has to be informative and sometimes that means showing videos of explicit material to fully capture the audiences’ emotions and get them to form their own opinions. In my opinion no other form of journalism will ever be as controversial or unethical as photo and video journalism but its significance and role it plays in the media is important.


Week: 9 Internet

Gaming Habits

By: Humberto Aleman

Between the ages of 5 to 10 I spent my summer mornings before basketball practice playing Nintendo 64 with one of my cousins who was a year older than I was and lived around the corner. The older I became the more I lost interest in video games and the different consoles that were releasing. My cousin on the other hand became far more involved in the online gaming world and later on started subscribing to websites such as Game Informer. The more gaming consoles and networks advanced the more he seemed to be captivated by the online gaming world and the only aspect of his life that it has affected him is his social life. He has maintained to keep the same friends from high school but unable to make new friends in real life. Many of the new people he associates himself with are mainly those he meets online while gaming. Most of his free time is spent in front of his television and gaming console with little to no time of being out in public socializing face to face. He has done almost nothing to change his way of living but he continues to be happy and not let his addiction negatively affect his life to the point of self destruction. I believe as his relationship continues to grow with his girlfriend he might start to realize what is more important and maybe slowly grow apart from his gaming addiction.

WEEK: 11 Class Highlights

What I Learned

BY: Humberto Aleman

The first “aha” moment I had in class was when I realized there was six major corporations that controlled most of the media. The second “aha” moment I had was during chapter five when we discussed magazine’s and their effects on societies views on beauty. The last “aha” moment I had was learning the different forms of medium’s societies use and the one I use the most.

JOUR 2 taught me more than I could’ve imagined when signing up for the course. I learned how to be media literate and to be investigative when it comes to information that media gives us. I never really paid much attention to the media until taking this course and moving forward I will be aware of what type of media I am consuming. Every media message I receive now whether it be on the radio or television I find myself analyzing it and breaking down the messages it is trying to convey to me.

I thought I would post this video  because it is in the top five things I will never forget about the class and I believe it depicts our society in the best way possible.

WEEK:8 Media Law

Stolen Treats

BY: Humberto Aleman

A case dealing with misappropriation is being held by the Suffolk County Superior Court which involves Americas Test Kitchen Inc. and Christopher Kimball. Americas test Kitchen Inc. is claiming that Mr. Kimball misappropriated its trade secrets and breached its fiduciary duty to the company. Mr. Kimball parted ways with the company and since has created his own program which the company thinks he marketed it as an enhanced version of theirs. I first heard of the complaint about a week ago from my aunt and when I did further investigation I noticed that Americas Test Kitchen Inc. does have a case they could not only fight but win.

Week: 7 Propaganda in Advertising

Influential Propaganda

By: Humberto Aleman

Propaganda and advertisement has evolved throughout the years with many different techniques forming along the way. Growing up I never really noticed the effects that certain ads had on me and the way I perceived certain products. As I grew older I became more aware of the amount of influence some ads were giving me and the way some were forming my way of thinking. Not too long ago my mother showed me this ad that she saw in a magazine and it depicted two propaganda techniques that are used to help form certain ideas in people’s minds.

The first technique that is used in the ad below is “loaded language” which is when specific words and phrases with strong emotional implications are used to influence the audience. The ad uses the word “banned” in the same sentence as the word “child” and for many parents that could spark interest in them into reading what the ad is about. The second technique that is used is “appeal to fear” which is depicted in the picture as a kid is holding an assault rifle at a school. Even if it isn’t insinuating a school shooting is going to happen it is still making the reader picture a possibility of this happening if assault rifles aren’t banned.



WEEK: 5 Movies or Television


BY: Humberto Aleman

Out of the many great movies that released in 2016 there was one that I enjoyed most by the name of, “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”. The first reason I enjoy this movie is because of the many crazy antics that occur when a married couple attempts to sell their home which is inconveniently located next to a college sorority house. The sequel also includes a character from the first movie whom was evicted from the same house but is asked to help out the married couple on their mission to get rid of the sorority house and sell their home. I first saw this movie in theaters which was shown on a projector through Digital Cinema format.

My all-time favorite movie was released back in the year 2000. The movie is called “Love & Basketball” which takes place in Los Angeles and is about a boy and girl who grow up falling in love all while both of them are high-school and college basketball stars. Throughout the movie they fall in love and break up after college, they both later reconnect and fall in love again right before the man is going to get married to someone else. The first time I saw this movie was on T.V. on the channel known as, HBO.



WEEK: 4 Audio

New and Old

By: Humberto Aleman

As a disc jockey Im always looking for the next best song to turn play at a club or house party. This year there was a song in particular that that stuck to me by a producer by the name of DJ 4B and the song name is “POP DAT”. The first reason I like the song is because of the reaction I get from the crowd every time it is played. The second reason I like the song is because of the way the producer blends the the styles of electronic music and hip-hop. The first time I heard ‘POP DAT’ by DJ 4B was through an MP3 at my friends house while he was playing it using a software known as, Serato.

When it comes to oldies my favorite song is by an artist named Ben E. King and the song he made in 1961 called, “Stand by Me”. The main reason I like the song is because it reminds me of the times I used to spend with my grandmother at her old salon in downtown San Jose. She used to play songs from a CD that were all around the times of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The very first time I heard Stand by Me was on a CD, I listened to it on a CD player that was set up in my grandmothers salon.



Week 2: Aspect of Media

By: Humberto Aleman

In this day and age many people in the modern society can go onto their mobile device and search about any information they want at any given time. The amount of media options that are available today are vast. Although the options may seem high, the amount of corporations who ultimately choose what is heard or seen is few in numbers. As media consumers I believe we have more choices to what we see or hear given the small number of corporations who own and oversee every aspect of their T.V. stations, radio networks and websites.

I believe the media is ultimately controlled by the media consumers. We choose the channels we want to watch, radio stations we want to listen to and magazines or newspapers we read. With the vast amount of information that is at our fingertips we can catch up on the latest news that happens everywhere around the world at any moment we choose. Some broadcast stations maybe more liberal or conservative but there are also those who are in the middle. The six major corporations who own the many smaller companies that broadcast media can choose what we see or hear but there are different sources and versions of news from which we could choose to consume from.

Media has influenced me a couple of times throughout my life and I didn’t realize it until many years later. I remember watching Toys R Us commercials growing up and always wanting what I saw on the screen. When watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I would jump around the bed and do flips as if I was fighting the bad guys along with them. The older I became the more I became aware with news and its influences on me. After the September 11th attacks I watched FOX news and their coverage on that devastating day and listening to the news anchors and their guests speak about terrorism and terrorists in America. At such a young age they were able to influence me in not being comfortable around Middle Eastern people. I would avoid speaking to or coming into contact with anyone who fit the terrorist description in my head. This chapter has shown me that the choices of media consumption are high in numbers but the amount of corporations who choose what we consume is much smaller. I also learned that throughout my whole life media has shaped the way I think or feel about certain aspects of life. Knowing all of this new information I will be more aware of the type of media that I am consuming.

Week 1: Media Autobiography

Influential Media

By: Humberto Aleman

Growing up video games, magazines, T.V. and the internet were some of the ways I was influenced by media. From the ages of 8 through 10 I would spend most of my time playing video games on the Nintendo 64, many of which were sports based. They influenced me into wanting to play some of those sports in the city leagues during the summer. Often times I would catch myself attempting some of the moves I would do on the video games. Music has always been a big part of my life and my parents subscription to Vibe Magazine was very influential for me because it helped me stay up to date with everything that is Hip-Hop. I was limited to the amount of T.V. time I had growing up but I noticed the way kids dressed on the the screen and it would make me buy the clothes they had on when I would go back to school shopping. When my parents purchased our first computer I quickly realized that the world was at my fingertips, anything and everything I wanted to know  was a couple of clicks away. The older I became the more dependent I became on using the internet for homework and to communicate with my friends and family. Although it was a great tool to help me with my homework I noticed I would use it to play video games on it more than I would to do my work. The use of media is everywhere on the internet and the way it is being used is both positive and negative. The media that appears online or through the T.V. has the power to reach millions of people across the world and the way it is used is very important but is often not recognized. I have always been media literate and make sure to not always believe what I see or hear when it comes to media. Many don’t realize it but it has the power to influence our society and shape the way we think or feel about certain topics. I personally don’t believe I will ever get a job in the media but then again i have changed my major four different times and will most likely change it another four. Only time will tell.

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