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Week 8, Blog 7: Media Law-Copyright

Is The Emoji copyrightable?

By Haley Cardamon

Is Everything Going to Be OK? Whether Individual Emoji Are Copyrightable

In this article, it was said that the laughing emoji was the most used “word” of the year. But the issue they faced was what typeface was used; the apple emoji or the competitor?

The federal court ruled that typeface in different “fonts” is not copyrightable. Most were pleased with this outcome because I made it easy for those who want to create typeface. They could base their product off of another typeface without consequences.

While it was ruled that typeface is not copyrightable, the case for Emojis is still not decided.


Week 9, Blog 8: Internet

By Haley Cardamon

The internet makes it easy to become addicted to almost anything. Online shopping is easy to become addicted to because when you shop on the internet, ads for similar products show up on every page you go on.

It is easier to become addicted when the advertising’s are targeted and personalized for the things you are interested in.

The best advise for online shopping lovers is to have self control. The person should be able to determine whether they need the item or if the just want it. In the following article,5 Ways to Combat an Online Shopping Addiction, the author’s top suggestions are to unsubscribe from all promotional emails and to delete shopping applications from your cell phone.

Week 10, Blog 9: Media Ethics

By Haley Cardamon

In todays media, such as magazines and online entertainment sites, have very low morals and will say anything about anyone just to have the best story out at the time.

Media outlets like People Magazine and always have false and dramatized information about celebrities. They make up or twist the truth in order to create entertainment for the people. I think the worst part about this, besides lying about a persons life, is that many people have low media literacy and actually believe the nonsense they see in magazines or on TMZ.

Even news outlets report biased information. We saw during the presidential election how differently on news channel would report on the same topic.

We all must be careful what we read nowadays.


Week 5 – Movies

My Favorite movie of 2015
By Haley Cardamon

In with in 2016 and 2016, my favorite movie was “Inside Out” a Disney Pixar film ( It was such a touching movie that was great for all ages. Enjoyable for kids and funny for adults. I saw this movie in theaters while i was vacationing in Hawaii.

My favorite move of all time is “Avatar” which came out in 2009 ( I love this movie because of the amazing animation, and touching story. I can watch this movie over and over, and still feel touched at the end. I didn’t see this movie until a year after it was released.

Week 7 – Advertising

By Haley Cardamon


“This technique hopes to simplify the decision making process by using images and words to tell the audience exactly what actions to take, eliminating any other possible choices. Authority figures can be used to give the order, overlapping it with the appeal to authority technique, but not necessarily. The Uncle Sam “I want you” image is an example of this technique.” An example of tho method would be when a commercial says “Call now!”. The commercial will have “call now!” In big letters and repeat the number over and over.


“The use of an event that generates euphoria or happiness, or using an appealing event to boost morale. Euphoria can be created by declaring a holiday, making luxury items available, or mounting a military parade with marching bands and patriotic messages.” I recently saw example of this method on TV. It was a commercial for Pillsbury crest rolls. The family sat around the table, smiling, want more crest rolls.

Week 4: Audio

By Haley Cardamon

My favorite audio track currently is a mix called “LATENIGHTS3” by $lyCarter ( It is a mix of a couple songs. A lot of SoundCloud artist’s make mix tapes of many songs.

It is so hard to pick one favorite “oldy” song! In my top 10, one of my favorites would be “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop)” by Erykah Badu ( Her music is so soulful and more meaningful than a lot of todays top hits.

Week 3: Magazines

My magazine in The Making
By Haley Cardamon

I am currently making a magazine about bay area art. I want to feature young, unknown photographers, artists, writers, and music producers.

My magazine is based in the bay area, and centered in San Jose. I want my magazine to be made by the help of all the contributing artists, whereas the editor controls most content in magazines.

The receiver of this magazine would be teenagers, and young adults that are interested in photography, art, music, fashion, and bay area culture. Hopefully the magazine will land in the right hands, giving an artist a job opportunity or other exposure.

Five advertisers to be included:
• Breezy Excursion – San Jose made clothing brand
• – Allows people to publish their music for free
• Instagram- Social media that shares videos and images
• Academy of Art Institute – A great school choice for students who want t peruse their talent and passions.
• Cookies- Bay area made clothing brand

I’d like to include articles about the bay area history. Mainly focusing on music and fashion; who they are, where they’re from, and how they made it big. In regards to photography I’d like to have articles with tips on how to improve their photography skills. And lastly, have articles featuring artists, discussing who they and describing their art style.

The cover of my magazine will be different every issue. The cover will have art whether it be photography, street art, music, or fashion. Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with a name for my magazine. I’m hoping that my contributors will help me make a memorable name.

Week 2: Media Impact

The “Big Six” Impact on Media
By Haley Cardamon

Todays media is controlled by six large corporations; Disney, Comcast, 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, New Corp, and Viacom. These corporations all own and control almost all the media we consume. We as media consumers must have a great understanding of media literacy to receive the most accurate information, based on what the “big six” deliver.

In todays world, decisions can easily be made by one common factor; money. Even if we are hearing information from sources not controlled by the “big six”, it could have still been persuaded by the corporations. In class, we discussed how oil scientists we’re paid by one of the corporations to lie about the dangers of the use of oil. Why can’t even trust what a highly certified scientist says.

The only media that I believe is not entirely influenced by the “big six” are social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. The contents comprised on these platforms are mostly the the public feels, and understands the media. People use these social media platforms to share their views on issues, as well as educate others through their experiences and knowledge. For the most part, these platforms are lightly censored, meaning people can say and post whatever they please.

This chapter really opened my mind to the damage the “big six” has created. I didn’t even know the “big six” existed before readying this chapter. I feel like everything I hear or read on the news I should question, and use international new platforms to compare and make my best judgement for what is true. Most people in the United States probably do not know that these six corporations own and control what is put out in the media. I think it is important to educate everybody about these corporations so people can use their best judgment when listening to the news.

Week 1: Media Autobiography : How Mass Media Plays a Roll in My Life By Haley Cardamon

In mass media, we have so may options to choose from; books, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, internet, recordings, and movies. Out of the eight major sources of mass communication I mostly identify with the internet.

My generation grew up learning how the internet works, and it has continued to advance. I use the internet to learn the latest new events locally and around the world. I use the internet as a main source for information, whether it be in school r for personal curiosity. My favorite aspect the internet provides is social media. I consider myself a very social person, that is why I chose communication as my major. I love to share my life, ideas, and experiences with others. It such a great tool to connect with others. I would love to have a job as a social media manager in the future.

In regardes to the other mass media sources, I use recordings, radio, and newspapers the least. I think these sources of media are slowly dying in our fast pace, button-clicking society. We’ve grown to love instant gratification, which we easily achieve through media like the internet, television, and movies. Not to say that recordings, radio, and newspaper are not useful, they’re slowly being replaced with the internet.

Lastly, I use television, books, and movies moderately. I read about three to four book per quarter at De Anza, and at least one book per year in my personal time. I wish i read book for personal pleasure more often, but I feel that I do not have enough time. By the time i get off work or school, I’m too exhausted to read. I like to end my day with a little mindlessness by watching Netflix until I fall asleep. Watching TV or a movie helps my brain unwind from the long day.

Overall, mass media plays a very large role in my everyday life. I would not be able to function properly if i didn’t have access to all type of mass media.

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