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Mass Comm hybrid class, Winter 2017

In the front (from left): Asuka Yamane, Damian Urias, Shaylah Markowski, Daniel Rosales and Analisa O’Brien. Sitting around the table (from left): Carlos (Benjamin) Cruz, Diandra Monterio, Darla Machado, Sophia Duran, Ryan Sherod, Madison Fox, Jessica Dam, Ashley Aquino and Kristina Neely. Standing (from left): Peter Saminathen, Brian Tang, Vanessa Vazquez, Ben Dinh, Kyle Ewing, Richard Luong and Chase Nelson.

Mass Comm, Fall 2016


Sitting from left: Melica Sapon, Maneek Rajasansi, Philong Nguyen and Cristina Angelini Melchior; Standing from left: Thomas Lin, Celeste Dilullo, Anelisse Maciel, Karan Abrol, Luca Ferrieri, Khalil Bourgoub, Haley Cardamon, Dmitry Dolgopolov, Hope Weston, Humberto Aleman, Nelson Naing Win Aung, David Bahk, Jarra Gojolo, Jonathan Johnson and Esau Carpenter.


Newswriting and Reporting, Fall 2016


Sitting clockwise from top of the hour: Raquel Macias, Jonathan Dupin, Sara Helwig, Elsabete Kebede, Abigail Lee, Jeffrey Son, Vincente  Aguilar and Stephanie Gonzalez. Standing from left: Jack Molmud, Christian Trujano, Jordan Vasquez, Nikhil Jha, Thanh Nguyen, Kunal Mehta, Jasmine Tottoc, Kisha Collins and Claudia Chan.


Police Training For the Future

By Christian Trujano

The Root of Music

By Jordan Vasquez

Proposition 64

By Kisha Collins

Is the freshman 15 real?

By Raquel Macias

Bay Area Growing Pains

By Claudia Chan

Human trafficking

By Miho Yamamoto

Spring 2016 News Writing class


Around the table, from left to right: Instructor Farideh Dada, Alena Naiden, Brandon Davis, Bharpur Singh, Kassandra Amper, Virgilio Gonzalez, Teddy Kebede, Alina Nguyen  and Lily Nguyen. Standing, from left to right: Raymond Lorenzana, Jamie Jara, Kayla Grizzle, Kevin Cordon and Martin Pantoja. Photograph was altered to add two people.

Sexual Assault at De Anza College

By Kassandra Amper


To pass or not to pass

By Alena Naiden

The Hidden Bigotry

By Virgilio Gonzalez


Mass Comm, Winter 2016


Standing from left: Masayuki Furushima, Peter Ngo, Alejandro Orozco, Maxwell Egbujor, Arbella Yousif, Tony Phan, Whitney Stein, Sara Raheem, Andrew Masek, Gabriela Sanches, Talia Hudgens, William Tolentino, Austin Brady, Madlyn Kelly, Desmond Schurr, Jacqueline Contreras and Pho Le
Sitting behind the table: Mckinley Thompson, Thanh Nguyen and Nikolas Verbin
Sitting in front: Audelynn Felix, Sergio Cano, Michelle Miramon, Jadhalyn Le and David Carbajal

Note: The photo above has been electronically manipulated to add three students to the group.



Fall 2015 Newswriting Class


Seated around the table from left: Sergio Valencia, Paul Hang, Matthew Shamshoian, Wendy Myvett and Patrick Miran

Standing: Ashley Cullen, Tyler Crawford, Jessica Howell, Leo Lopez, Duane Soubirous, Chris Zepeda, Kathryn Payne, Viviana De La Pena and Lilianna Cornelio


An eye on social media

By Liliana Cornelio

Healthy booze

By Wendy Myvett

Hazardous haze

By Patrick Miran

Safety of students

By Jessica Howell

Dependency on technology

By Viviana De La Pena

The drought and you

By Tyler Crawford

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