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Sexual assault orientation video to be replaced by Title IX office

By Rebecca Arnone


The rise of AI affects De Anza College campus

By Minnie Tong

Gas price affects students

By Cameron Henry

Newswriting Fall 2017


Sitting from left: Belen Acosta, Cassandra (Cassi) Coleman, Kevin Coleto, Spencer Avocet-Van Horne, Natalie Valencia and Jeffrey Windham.

Standing from left: Ke’John (Armani) Price, Ethan Joshua Bennett, William Roman, Thu Trang (T) Huynh, Brianna Clark, Christian Babcock, Matthew (Matt) Risko, Miho Yamamoto, Ethan Maneja, Sanika Utturkar and Nabihah Burney.



On the floor: Ethan Maneja

Front row: William Roman, Natalie Valencia, Jeffrey Windham, Stacy Ardoin and Belen Acosta

Back row: Cassandra (Cassi) Coleman, Ke’John (Armani) Price, Ethan Joshua Bennett, Thu Trang (T) Huynh, Christian Babcock, Brianna Clark, Matthew (Matt) Risko, Kevin Coleto, Miho Yamamoto, Sanika Utturkar and Nabihah Burney.

College Carousel

By Matt Risko

Public controversial speeches

By Ke’ John Armani Price

Newswriting Spring 2017


Sitting around the table (from left): Khalil Bourgoub, Ryan Sherod, Ozzie Oscar Perez, Pearl Curtis and Bianca Inzunza.
Standing (from left): Terry Pon, Anass Mustafa, Byron Barren Campbell, Jacqueline Contreras, Jarra Gojolo, Karen Santiago, Ana Acosta, Bharvi Yadav, Esau Carpenter, Ryan Chen, Andrew Pouliot, Daniel Galvan, Alaizza Rato, Jonathan Sakuma, Sydney Torrens and Nick Girard.IMG_1427

Teacher Appreciation at De Anza

By Karen Santiago
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