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Week 11: Class Highlights

The Three Learned Information

By Thomas Lin

The three new information I learned from the class was satellite delivery was much more common at other parts of the world than cable television, knowing the journalist Nellie Bly who went undercover to find out about the truth about a women’s lunatic asylum abusing the inmates, and minorities would get less coverage in the media than a white person.

Nellie Bly was an journalist who went undercover to find out the truth if a women’s lunatic asylum was abusing the inmates by spending ten days in the lunatic asylum. In the media, the minorities gets less coverage and attention because people and the media thinks that if the media reports the story it wouldn’t get as interesting compare to the reported story on the white person. The satellite television delivery is an type of television delivery that uses the satellite to get the picture from other places to the home owner’s television.



Smart Phone/Cell Phone Addiction

By Thomas Lin

Week 9: Media Ethics

Differentiating the Truth and the False and Pursue the True Information

By Thomas Lin

In today’s society where we can create information on the Internet, but sometimes some of of the information that we get on the Internet is not exactly true and some of the important information that people in the public needs to know for some reasons only get little coverage in the news is something that I think it’s not acceptable in the media ethics, because journalists has the responsibility to tell us what’s really going when an new information is happening at a certain location within the U.S. or around the world. Even when the medias doesn’t want to give us the real facts about what’s really happening, we as each individuals in the public should be able to tell apart what’s are the real facts and what’s not; also, we should pursue the truth when the information we are looking for is false. That’s what I believes in we as each individuals should do when the medias don’t give us the real facts.

Week 8: Media Law

Media Law Case: Privacy/Intrusion and First Amendment

Thomas Lin

A retired wrestler Terry G. Bollea (known as Hulk Hogan) won an lawsuit of privacy invasion of $115 million against over the sex tape that Gawker had published in 2012 by the site’s former editor in chief Albert J. Daulerio. However, an person named Kenneth G. Turkel said that the post on was an act of journalism and was protected under the First Amendment. He also said that the editors’ of the site were operating under the professional journalism and they would have warned Mr. Bollea that the site would post his sex tape or asked his permission to post the sex tape on The argument from is that the sex tape was protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution was Mr. Bollea had given up his privacy and talked about his sex life in the public.

I think regarding to this case, even this former wrestler celebrity talked about his private life in the public; the website cannot post this kind of video without the consent of the former wrestler celebrity first and that guy named Kenneth G. Turkel shouldn’t used the First Amendment as an excuse. I think journalists needs to know when they should draw the line when it’s needed; I understand journalists has the responsibility to report what is the truth and bring it out to each individuals in the public, but publishing something that’s private to anybody without that person’s consent is not acceptable.

Week 7: Propaganda in Advertising

Advertising Techniques

Thomas Lin

Ad hominem: Attacking directly at the person rather than the arguments. In a debate when a one of the person cannot argue against the other person’s argument he/she uses ad hominem to attack the person directly.

Exaggeration:  Stretching out the truth by saying the product in the advertisement can do much more than what it normally can do but better and more effective.

Week 5: Movie or Television

My Favorite Movie of 2016 and All-Time Favorite Movie Series

By Thomas Lin

My favorite movie of 2016 was Finding Dory which was the only one that I’ve watched in the theater with my parents and my younger brother. I’ve watched the first movie Finding Nemo when it came out like 13 years ago so it would make sense to watch Finding Dory because I would understand the story and what’s going on in the plot.

My all-time favorite movie was from the Harry Potter series, I haven’t got into before I finished reading the first book of the series. After finish reading the book version, I would go and watch the move version of the book in the theater since I became a fan of the series.

Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

Everybody and Every Race Deserves to Be Heard

By Thomas Lin

I think the news outlets should identify a source where a female and a minority is included in the story, although, the story won’t be as popular compare to white males; however, I think that everybody and every race deserves to be heard because you will get different perspective and opinions on the topic of the story that the news outlet is covering. At the same time, the journalists could also learn something new like the different perspective and viewpoints, through the opinions of the females and the minorities because if you stick with the same perspective and viewpoints within your circle you wouldn’t know other people’s perspectives and viewpoints on a particular topic because not every people will have the same perspectives and viewpoints as yourself because the news is something is supposed to keep us informed what are the new current events that’s happening around us or happening outside the U.S. and what kind of viewpoints or perspective people has regarding to the new events or issues that’s going on around us or outside the U.S. I think learning new perspective and viewpoints is more important than the story in the news that’s bring more popularity and money for the news outlet.

Week 3 Books or Magazines

Thomas Lin

The three books that inspired me was Cooked by Jeff Henderson, A Piece of Cake: A Memoir by Cupcake Brown, and Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone is what got me into becoming a Harry Potter fan. At first, when I encountered the Harry Potter series, I was thinking to myself should I try reading it because that book during the time when I encountered it for the first time was very popular so a lot of people is reading it in the schools and plus after the book came out the movie version of the book would be out in the theaters and it would only make sense to watch the movie version of the book after you finish reading the book, so I decided to start reading Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone and later finished it so this book inspired me into becoming a fan of the Harry Potter series, so when the next Harry Potter book comes out i will buy it and finish reading it before I watch the movie version of it. Later on, after I finished reading all 7 books of the harry Potter books and watched all the movie version of it I visited Universal Orlando in Florida because they have built a Harry Potter themed park there, but now since there is also one in the Universal Studio in L.A. I would love to check it out too when I get the chance to. As for the other two books A Piece of Cake: A Memoir and Cooked I had to read it for one of my Language Arts class at De Anza College and through those two books I get to understand what kind of struggles the authors Cupcake Brown and Jeff Henderson had to go through in life to get to where they are today for the author of Cooked he is working as a chef and for the author of A Piece of Cake: A Memoir she is working as a lawyer but both of them had lived through a bad family environment with bad influence and dealing drugs. I’ve also meet the author Cupcake Brown in person along with my classmates for that Language Arts class I’ve taken before and she also signed the book A Piece of Cake: A Memoir.


Home Page

Week 2 Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

Don’t generalize things without finding out the real cause

By Thomas Lin

On 7/6/16 the mobile app game Pokemon Go was launched in the U.S. and later on after the release of Pokemon Go a lot of bad things started happening, car accidents on the freeway when the drivers encountered Pokemon on the way, armed robbers using the app to lure the players to rob them in O’Fallon, Missouri, and now a study shows that Pokemon Go really distracts the drivers however, the real cause of all those car accidents and Pokemon Go players getting robbed in secluded areas by getting lured from the armed robbers is not the mobile game app’s fault but the players’ fault due to the lack of common sense. When somebody plays Pokemon Go, they need to answer those questions: why would you play Pokemon Go when you’re driving?, and why would you not be aware of your surroundings? I’ve heard people from the older generation that tells me to be careful when playing Pokemon Go because of all those bad things happened to the players, but I told him or her it’s not the mobile game app Pokemon Go’s fault that those bad things had happened to the players but the players’ fault for not being aware of their surroundings and not having any knowledge of common sense which resulted them negative consequences and at the same time brought the inconvenience to other people.

Media Autobiography (JOUR 2)

Week 1 Media Autobiography

Growing up with mass media

By Thomas Lin

My Relationships with the Mass Media

I was originally from Taiwan and I moved to the U.S. in the year 2000, and I grew up with the television and the Internet. When I was moving to the U.S. in the year 2000, I was a 3rd grader studying at a elementary school in Pingtung City, Taiwan and one of the classes that was part of the elementary school I was studying at was a computer class where the teacher taught the students how to use the Internet, but at home I haven’t got to using the  Internet because I only use the computer (Windows 98) to play video games with my younger brother and one of my cousins (from my mom’s side). As for other mass media like books, radio, magazines, newspaper, recordings, and movies i didn’t get into those while growing up in Taiwan before I moved to the U.S. in the year 2000. However, one of the important mass media to me is the television because i started and got into watching Japanese anime  and that’s the only reason I liked about the mass media television. Later on, when I moved to the U.S. with my parents and younger brother I got into books and movie and the book series I became a fan of was the Harry Potter series and whenever I finish the current book that was out I would go watch the movie version of it. Later on, for a while i started reading the TIME magazine, got into listening to the radio but only when I’m in the car either with my parents or my younger brother and I would listen to Mandarin programs and different songs from the radio. As for the newspaper, I would read it if I happen to saw on if I happen to see one and, during the night I would watch an hour of television for the news about the local U.S.,news around the world, and news about Taiwan; after I finished watching the news I would be back on the PC surfing on the Internet, checking out Facebook, watching streamed videos, listening to my favorite music on Youtube, and read about different kinds of news on different websites, which makes it my most used mass media because it’s convenience; however, i don’t like the lags, and having to watch ads.

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