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De Anza’s Warriors Woes

By Jarra Gojolo


Media Ethics

By Jarra Gojolo

I think today’s media is more ethical on purpose because there is more of a need for “political correctness.” As seen by the backlash caused by the Portland Press Herald’s  Ramadan story, even though it wasn’t malicious, if you say the wrong things in the eyes of the public there will be people who will take offense to it and make noise. There are definitely outlets, like tabloids who are less ethical than others ones These celebrity news outlets will go to relatively extreme lengths to find a story and will follow celebrities around the point of borderline trespassing/harassment.


By Jarra Gojolo

I sometimes use the internet for shopping, because the items that are on sale on a website are not found in any stores nearby. I usually shop online for sneakers because some of the kinds are virtually impossible to obtain in-store like this shoe that I passed on Fortunately, I don’t know anybody who has an addiction/time-consuming habit to any of these 3 activities.

Media Law

By Jarra Gojolo

FCC v. Fox Television Stations, Inc. was a court case in 2008 about if the FCC’s inconsistency in their enforcement of expletive rules in programming. The Billboard Music Awards, broadcast by Fox, three expletives were used between 2002 and 2003, which led to them being basically sanctioned by the FCC. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Fox, calling the sanctions unnecessary. I think as long as the profanity is not frequent and none of it is malicious, it’s fine to have a little bit of it in n awards show.

Propaganda in advertising

By Jarra Gojolo

This 5 gum advertisement uses Euphoria to “depict” the feeling that people have when they chew that gum. It also uses pensée unique when the narrator says “stimulate your senses”


By Jarra Gojolo

My favorite sound recording of 2015-16 has to be No More Parties In LA, which is a song that is performed by Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. I like the song because it’s lyrically solid, what i look for in most rap recordings. I also was waiting for new music from Kanye West for a long time before the recording was released. I listened to this through streaming services.


My favorite oldie has to be What You Won’t Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell. I listened to it as a kid without knowing what it was called, and once I was older I found out what the dong was and have kept it on replay since. I also listen to this through the same streaming services.


By Jarra Gojolo

Growing up, I read a lot of books, and those books all had an influence on how I grew up seeing the world.

The first book that was impactful to me was actually a set of Encyclopedias Britannica from 1983. My uncle gave them to my when I was 10 years old and it was full of interesting information so I read them all in my free time. What made them so interesting to read was the fact that encyclopedias are pure information, and I can read them cover to cover. The encyclopedias really expanded my knowledge and made me an overall smarter person.

The second book that had an impact on me is Shaq’s autobiography that released in 2012. I needed a new book to read, and his autobiography just recently came out, so I figured that’s the best way to get back into reading. I think it’s overall a good book because of how Shaq was not just a good basketball player, but how his life outside of basketball was so interesting and entertaining. I really enjoyed his perspectives of the early 2000s Lakers who won the NBA championship 3 times in a row.×2246

The third book that had an impact on me was Jose Canseco’s book “Juiced”. I initially picked up the book because the steroid era of baseball was an interesting time in sports, but Canseco’s life story intrigues me to keep reading. The most interesting part was reading about Canseco’s mothers’s dying wish. I enjoyed the trash talk that Canseco directed at multiple players involved with performance-enhancing drugs.

Media Impact

By Jarra Gojolo

The media has been a scapegoat for many when they have nobody else to blame, because they are a vague description of the source of information for the population. Presidential candidate Donald Trump is no exception to that observation, blaming the media for his shortcomings at the polls. This article by Philip Bump of the Washington Post points out Donald Trump’s lack of active campaigning while he simultaneously goes at the media for having the poll numbers move to his opponent, Hillary Clinton’s favor. The article links multiple Trump tweets, which is one of Trump’s only form of communicating with the American people, and dissects the context of the tweets’ subejcts. When it comes down to the facts, Trump’s media scapegoating is just a cop out for his poor campaigning skills, and that is his real campaign downfall.

Media Autobiography

By Jarra Gojolo

Like most people my age, media has had a heavy involvement in my life growing up. Books were my main media source as a kid. I read at a college level by 5th grade, and i used the proficiency a lot in my early years. I like old fashioned books because words in paper register better to me, as opposed to looking at a screen. I don’t read nearly as much as I used to, but I can definitely enjoy an interesting book when once it comes around. Newspapers are something I never got into. When I got to the age where i was interested about world events, there were more technologically advanced ways of getting that information. But the printed aspect of it is still helpful to me. I enjoy magazines when I’m waiting in an office. They provide both print words and plenty of illustrations, which help a lot in understanding the content. I especially enjoy car magazines like Motor Trend and Car & Driver. I only watch movies on special occasions, like social events, or a big desire to watch it. I was never a movie watcher and I didn’t really grow up enjoying movies. I listen to recordings very rarely, only when I don’t feel like listening to music. The podcasts i usually listen to have something to do with sports, since that is what makes up a lot of my free time. I hope to be a journalist, particularly in sports, and sports media is something I consume daily. I really enjoy listening to sports talk radio, because the debate on that platform is usually entertaining and quality. Radio for music is something I don’t enjoy however, because the music they play at any station doesn’t appeal to me at all. Television used to be my main media source, after I stopped constantly reading books. I use TV for live sports and certain comedy shows, but don’t enjoy TV news because of their obvious biases. The internet is my main media source at the moment. I am on my computer or phone most of my free time, and all of my significant news comes from multiple websites, including Twitter. I would like to transfer to San Diego State University because they have a strong journalism program. If not journalism, something in media would be an ideal career path.

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