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Week 10: Media Ethics

Week 10 Media Ethics – Blog 9

By Philong Nguyen

As new forms of media take to the internet, there aren’t many regulations that are enforced online in terms of sharing information. Companies that own domains that have control over news, blogs, or any type of social media can take down anything they would want to. Anything from government asking them to anything that ruins the companies, or someone who works with the companies reputation. In a sense, sensitive material posted online that could scar someone is usually restricted by most major social media and news companies.

Most social media users nowadays worry about everything they post and get afraid when they get negative feedback. These people take precautions of posting anything sensitive and only want likes or to be noticed as a good person online. While sharing most people try to impress their friends, or anyone they’ve “become friends” with online. Negative things online are mostly left for the darker sides of the internet. For example, on websites such as 4chan(.)org or reddit, there are some blog post that tread lightly on the subject of negative content. (i.e. Gore, war, animal abuse). But these websites don’t show as much explicit content found on the dark side of the internet as anonymity is more apparent.


Week 11: Class Highlights

Week 11: Class Highlights – Blog 10

By Philong Nguyen

This class being my first has really help kickstart my thoughts about being here. Good and bad, good in the sense as I saw that people were a lot more blind when it comes to dealing with media myself included. I don’t know much, being as young as I am, and certainly will not be able to know everything.

Some aha moments I had were, that I never really understood what country music was, not have I listened to it a whole bunch, but found out that it was just parents and adults complaining. Another moment was during public relations and Bill Clinton’s advisor advising him to “Tell the Truth, Tell it all, Tell it early, Tell it yourself.” And lastly a moment that really stuck with me was that, most of the new media, content creators, the “Educated” are mostly all liberal in a sense of wanting new change and not seeing the immediate outcome.

Week 8: Media Law

Week 8: Media Law

Blog 7

By Philong Nguyen

One case that caught my eye, Elonis v. United States, primarily focused on social media and free speech over the internet. A recent case where a man in Pennsylvania said threats over Facebook brought up the question whether free speech is protected online. In the given event, anyone can say anything online and may not be true. This brought a problem to the prosecutors because anything posted online isn’t always acted on, and no matter what is said, most judges disagree on anything could ever happen.

In the case, the court decided that there was no proof that the lyrics online were directed towards the mans wife. There was no specific name, therefore not much could be able to be acted on. Free speech is allowed online, other than leaking confidential government information like Edward Snowden did, but in any other case, most is allowed on the internet.

Free speech is questionable when it comes to an action that could hurt someone because of the question is it true. There isn’t much credible source if something were to happen. I would believe so because I spend a lot of time online, and a lot of people say things that probably won’t happen, myself included. Many people threaten others over so many dumb things, they get into fights, roasts, and turmoils over many weird things. We can say what we want, and not many people can do anything about it.

Week 9: The Internet

Week 9: The Internet Blog 8

My Experience

By Philong Nguyen

The internet is the largest form of media now a days, as access is getting easier and easier. It is everywhere, in every residential building, shopping mall, office building, and is only expanding more and more. Majority of large entertainment and news media has moved over to the internet to use social media, and to set up their own websites in order to connect with the average person.

Being someone who uses the internet quite a bit, it’s helped connect with old friends, and find new friends I meet when I am out and about. Since the internet is so easy to be accessed, I am an addict, a lot of us are, just checking everything trying to be entertained. A great thing I learned to get off was to get a dog. Ever since I got a dog, we take walks instead of me staying home and using the internet. It has pretty much cut the amount of time I spend online in half.

I had problems just sitting there when I quit swimming, it really took a toll on my body. The amount of strength I used to have has really diminished over time, and my body has been growing more and more. Being fit was a really big part of who I am and it means a lot to be able to fit old clothes, and not have to buy new ones all the time.

Week 7 Propaganda in Advertising

Week 7 – Propaganda in Advertising Blog 6

By Philong Nguyen

Propaganda Techniques

Technique: Common Man

The technique used here, common man gets the viewers attention by portraying an everyday guy doing something specific in the advertisement. For example, in the video, a normal guy having lunch with a friend is eating Subway Sandwiches because it helps his body stay healthy as he has to work hard. It gives a sense to the viewer as if “Hey, if this guy can do it, I can too.”


Technique: Bandwagon

With this technique, it shows someone who follows another group because of an action or look. In this event during the video, stylish kids walk up, and the kid in the car wants to look like everyone else. The blatant advertising for old navy shows that it is, cool, hip, and in the trend. It also shows a “sale” which to the viewer helps them feel as if they are saving a lot of money.

Week 5: Movie or Television

Week 5: Movie or Television – Blog 5

The Real Truth

by Philong Nguyen

Of all the movies between 2015-2016, the one that appealed to me was 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of BenghaziThis movie showed us first hand accounts to what happened in Libya on the evening of September 11th, 2012. American contractors whom were hired to protect American assets in the area were held back and not allowed to be a quick response force and cost the lives of 4 Americans. All could have been prevented if the contractors were allowed to respond to the extremist forces at the ambassadors compound a mile away.

I just felt a connection to these contractors having a problem in front of them and not being able to act on that problem resulting in casualties or failure. These contractors are still American soldiers in a sense protecting government property, and have served in the military before becoming contractors. Being very supportive of the military, veteran’s and their experiences, I will respect the choices that the contractors made that day, as they saw the situation with their own eyes and acted accordingly. This was a great experience watching in the theaters by myself, as I got to pay attention and understand the whole thing.

While my favorite movie of all time has to be Saving Private Ryan. The movie showing the excruciating detail of what happened during World War II. It brought upon the feelings of the soldiers in the eastern front and what they experienced.

Week 4 Newspaper or Audio

Week 4 Newspaper or Audio


By Philong Nguyen

Who am I? Philong Nguyen, what do you think when you hear that name? Well I bet you’ve never heard of it before, what does it mean to you, does it sound asian or part of some other ethnicity? Why does it matter you may ask, but it’s quite simple. We live in a society where each of us human beings see each other as different, think different, and don’t see who we really are.

As growing up, being asian wasn’t really much a minority living in San Jose. Growing up, I always heard about news coming from vietnamese radio channels and newspapers. I got to see a lot more of their thoughts compared to Americans in the english media. I always heard about men a lot more than women when it came to news articles. Most of the viewpoints of the stories I read are based from viewpoints of old vietnamese men whom have “been through a lot” throughout their life.

Compared to the average American article, the Vietnamese is very biased when it comes to story telling as they prefer a juicier story compared to one that makes sense. Most stories come daily from areas that seem unfit for the average American and are more “ghetto”. The stories that come from here have deemed to become jokes every so often. For example, “Hide yo kids hide yo wife (,” or “Ain’t nobody got time for that (”. These are just a few of the viral captures of minorities and how they react in a specific situation. News definitely gets more interesting having people act differently on camera compared to the traditional news lady.

Some think may think about my opinions to be very conservative saying that not much has really been seen to change throughout time when it has. However there has been change, but most people still choose to not acknowledge it as we as people are just wondering about how to make our everyday lives better. With everyone following the same trends, especially from the news, having different ideas, faces, and actions on the news can bring everyone together.

Week 3 Books or Magazines

Week 3 Books or Magazines

Entertainment Through Paper

One of my first books that inspired me was the Killing Sea by Richard D. Lewis, as it opened up a broader spectrum of events going on around me. It was about a tsunami in 2004, a fictional story, but tells two tales, American Teenagers left on their own and a Teenage boy that lives in Sumtra, Indonesia. Two different stories, from two different mindsets had me thinking, what was everyone else around me thinking. The teenager that lived in Sumtra, was on a search for his father, while his hometown was flooded with deceased people everywhere, and everything his family worked for was gone. That feeling of losing everything really opened up my appreciation of how safe, and how privileged I was. On the other hand, the Americans, a family of 4, when the tsunami hit, their Sailboat capsized, and landed in a tree on a deserted island a couple miles off the coast, but the parents were killed in the event. The two teenagers, venture out to find help, and a way to get back home. I imagined myself in their shoes, thinking about trying to survive, if I was gonna live onto tomorrow. It made me more aware of what goes on around me, it helped me understand other points of views to come together a conclusion.

Another book that I really saw influential was 13 Hours : The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi by Mitchell Zuckoff. The story of American Contractors who were former military, and their actions whom were held off by the national government not allowing them to save americans. Reading this story, boiled my blood, as I can relate to those americans with boots on the ground not allowed to move in, when they weren’t that far to the Ambassadors compound. Hearing about Hillary Clinton running for President just hurt me, because there were a lot of instances that she restricted and partially caused the death of 4 americans. It held out a very realistic description as it showed that it was like watching a brother be tortured from inside a cage, and we couldn’t do anything. With the contractors being less than a mile away, the ambassador could have been easily been extracted into a safer area, with less casualties. This story really gave me hard feelings towards the higher ups in any situation, not seeing the full aspect compared to having boots on the ground. In any given situation, people don’t always see everything, there are different stories to it, anything can happen, but only one thing can happen.

These two books really had me thinking, we see a lot of things everyday, but we don’t acknowledge a lot of it as the information is see, processed, then forgotten. Sometimes those things we see, have to be very precise, if anything were to happen, and that information could be used to give more situational awareness to anyone that is responding to an emergency. I wanted to be someone, who solved problems, gather information, and help whoever needed to be helped. Being a leader, means you think about what’s not happening in front of you, but think about what happens in other people’s eyes, their experiences. In my train of thought, books are used to find tips, and tricks to being a leader, not much as entertainment. Anything can be learned from books, and the message from the author could be seen many different ways.

Media Autobiography

Week 1- Media Autobiography

How Media Is Shown Throughout Time

By Philong Nguyen

My name is Philong Nguyen, I a first generation in my family as my parents were immigrants from vietnam. For me, each part of mass communication has it’s own aspects, it’s advantages and disadvantages. In the future, I am planning to transfer to San Diego State University for the Army ROTC program. I plan on commissioning in the army as an 015 or Aviator/Pilot. Finding this information was easy as I use the internet the most out of all these types of communication as it maintains every aspect of the others. I used to read books going through elementary and middle school, but that habit fell through when social media was growing during that time. Newspaper’s however were very interesting to me, for the comics section at least, but the headliners usually always caught attention, but I always saw the font as too small to read, and would go straight to the comics section. From when I was 8 to 14, I subscribed to Boy’s Life Magazine which was about boy scouts, and their adventures in one magazine a month. It had survival skills, and great articles about adventures that the boy scouts took on hiking during snowstorms, desert hot days and humid forest. The magazine had a lot to offer for tips on what to do if you were caught in that situation and being someone who wants to join the military, I found useful. But magazines in of itself, you can find pretty much every article online and with much more information from other sources. Watching movies is a fun pastime as I am a big fan of war/action movies and see all else as entertainment. To me, I see war films as a connection to those who have served during that time and I understand a little bit more of how they felt and it would be easier to connect to many veterans. Recordings or music has really impacted the life now for everyone, as it livens up any given situation and moment. Music has been changing over time and expresses the way the artist feel about something going on, some songs even raise awareness of an ongoing problem. To me, it is a form of expression that no one really knows, and how you interpret the meanings of the lyrics really brings out many different ideas to connect to other people with. Radio’s do just the same, as stations use music to entertain a mass majority of people listening and sometimes have topics for discussion where people could call in and give input. This brings people to share experiences, ideas and stories, good or bad to help everyone understand what is happening. Watching it on television also helps with news media, as it brings footage, and awareness to the people watching a better understanding of what is going on around them, and all over the world. It helps people connect, see the bigger picture, the main problem, and allows people to talk on the internet of their input to create ideas of how to help.

Week 2: Business Media Impact

Week 2: Business Media Impact

What We See

By Philong Nguyen

Mass media, being a big part of the world today is not as big as we think. There are a lot of channels, a lot of news providers, and sources that we use everyday, but if we were to look into who owns them, it always leads back to one large provider. Many local small businesses are owned by larger businesses who look over all of the media that they distribute.

Today as consumers, we get most of out information from news media sources online and from television. We have more choices to what we want to see from the media as there are hundreds of distributors and options to filter out what we don’t want to see. Some companies such as Google could use information from our searches to find similar articles or news sources to show us on our feeds. Media is controlled by big companies who want to be noticed, seen and become a monopoly.

Businesses who work directly with media, do much more than find news for the average person. They own film companies, service providers, and local news stations to reach out to the average consumer. These companies control what they want to cover, and what they want to expose to the general public. With the freedom of the press, almost everything is allowed to be recorded, unless there are regulations under a private sector, then it shouldn’t be covered. But most else now a days is available to be covered by any news source.

Large companies that own media companies could have bias opinions when it comes to a problem that could cause a danger. It gives input from every perspective and brings together a consensus. From reading this chapter, I still don’t see the big monopolies controlling everything, but expanding to cover more of the world and helping the average person be more aware of everything that is out there. I have always seen media as news source not so much as movies, or books, but information of current events happening around me.

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