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Newswriting Fall 2017


Sitting from left: Belen Acosta, Cassandra (Cassi) Coleman, Kevin Coleto, Spencer Avocet-Van Horne, Natalie Valencia and Jeffrey Windham.

Standing from left: Ke’John (Armani) Price, Ethan Joshua Bennett, William Roman, Thu Trang (T) Huynh, Brianna Clark, Christian Babcock, Matthew (Matt) Risko, Miho Yamamoto, Ethan Maneja, Sanika Utturkar and Nabihah Burney.



On the floor: Ethan Maneja

Front row: William Roman, Natalie Valencia, Jeffrey Windham, Stacy Ardoin and Belen Acosta

Back row: Cassandra (Cassi) Coleman, Ke’John (Armani) Price, Ethan Joshua Bennett, Thu Trang (T) Huynh, Christian Babcock, Brianna Clark, Matthew (Matt) Risko, Kevin Coleto, Miho Yamamoto, Sanika Utturkar and Nabihah Burney.


Self-Driven Ubers for the New Millennium

By Stacy Ardoin

College Carousel

By Matt Risko

Public controversial speeches

By Ke’ John Armani Price

Newswriting Spring 2017


Sitting around the table (from left): Khalil Bourgoub, Ryan Sherod, Ozzie Oscar Perez, Pearl Curtis and Bianca Inzunza.
Standing (from left): Terry Pon, Anass Mustafa, Byron Barren Campbell, Jacqueline Contreras, Jarra Gojolo, Karen Santiago, Ana Acosta, Bharvi Yadav, Esau Carpenter, Ryan Chen, Andrew Pouliot, Daniel Galvan, Alaizza Rato, Jonathan Sakuma, Sydney Torrens and Nick Girard.IMG_1427

Mass Comm, Fall 2016


Sitting from left: Melica Sapon, Maneek Rajasansi, Philong Nguyen and Cristina Angelini Melchior; Standing from left: Thomas Lin, Celeste Dilullo, Anelisse Maciel, Karan Abrol, Luca Ferrieri, Khalil Bourgoub, Haley Cardamon, Dmitry Dolgopolov, Hope Weston, Humberto Aleman, Nelson Naing Win Aung, David Bahk, Jarra Gojolo, Jonathan Johnson and Esau Carpenter.


Blog 4: The Minor(ity) Fallacy

Blog 4: NewsThe Minor(ity) FallacyBy Karan Abrol

The way we ask questions is far more important than the answers to those questions. I’m brought back to one of my favorite books, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas Adams’ characters spend several decades and five hilarious novels attempting to find, not the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, but the question. Because what we ask and the way we ask certain things defines what we get in response.

So to anyone trying to answer the question “Is the quality of news improved by the presence of women and minority reporters”, I ask instead- Do white men enhance the quality of news? Are we asking this question about minorities because we want to inculcate these demographics (who at this point must outnumber white males- we have women too) into our patriarchal society? Or do we see it as a question we can safely reply to with a ‘yes of course’ and move on, our souls at peace, our morals and white guilt no longer in turmoil. We call the news biased and corrupt against us- everyone does. No one I’m aware of would ever make the statement “The media supports my views and discusses the issues I care about”. And no one ever will.

We want minorities in the news. But all we’ve accomplished is the media conglomerates forcing blacks, foreigners and women into their newsrooms once in a blue moon and then returning to their cushy guilt free existences.

This video shows the trouble the black journalists who actually ARE in the media face on a daily basis. Minorities may be in the arena of news- but they can’t speak their minds. Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage consistently play out their hateful, angry, violent rhetoric on a national broadcast. Do you know of any black, mexican or women figures with that much power when it comes to extremist views? No- they’d be shot down before they made it to the national level for sure. We can put black people in the news- we just cant put black opinions in the spotlight. Bad for viewership, bad for advertisers. Angry minorities are “extremist aggressors”, “terrorists”, “criminals” or “hateful immigrants”. Angry white men? Oh they’re standing up for american values. And they get support.

I digress from my point and the prompt, but I think news organizations are doing the best they can right now. If white men are hiring, then white men will be hired. If minorities are hired, they’ll be censored for saying anything a white man wouldn’t. And it could be better, but it could also be worse. It is somewhat of a lost cause, at least right now. Not because of all the evidence I have in the media today. Not because of the Daily Show video that so clearly opens the issue to a wider problem in the world of journalism. I can tell you we are not going to see much progress because of the question in the prompt- Does having women and minority sources improve the quality of news? No. not right now. Because we have to ask. And because it would make no difference. Should we inform readers when they are reading writings by minorities? It makes no difference. Even if the issue is closer to a minority divide, they wont say anything a white man wouldnt say.

Week 2 Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

Don’t generalize things without finding out the real cause

By Thomas Lin

On 7/6/16 the mobile app game Pokemon Go was launched in the U.S. and later on after the release of Pokemon Go a lot of bad things started happening, car accidents on the freeway when the drivers encountered Pokemon on the way, armed robbers using the app to lure the players to rob them in O’Fallon, Missouri, and now a study shows that Pokemon Go really distracts the drivers however, the real cause of all those car accidents and Pokemon Go players getting robbed in secluded areas by getting lured from the armed robbers is not the mobile game app’s fault but the players’ fault due to the lack of common sense. When somebody plays Pokemon Go, they need to answer those questions: why would you play Pokemon Go when you’re driving?, and why would you not be aware of your surroundings? I’ve heard people from the older generation that tells me to be careful when playing Pokemon Go because of all those bad things happened to the players, but I told him or her it’s not the mobile game app Pokemon Go’s fault that those bad things had happened to the players but the players’ fault for not being aware of their surroundings and not having any knowledge of common sense which resulted them negative consequences and at the same time brought the inconvenience to other people.

Week 2-Business Aspect of the Media Is there really a choice in the Media?

By Celeste DiLullo

I believe we, as media consumers, have more choices on how we consume the media. Because of the expansion of the Internet and social media, we can feel like we have the world at our fingertips. Go into any search engine, type in what you’re looking for, and BOOM! You get hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of results. With just a few simply keywords, you can be informed in mere seconds. In this way, the world has become more open to us, as we should try to be open to the world around us. While there are the huge companies that control certain aspects of the media, we’re still given the freedom to choose what information we take in and how we can interpret what’s given to us. Since we are given options, we should try and take advantage of what we can do in the media with every chance we get.

I don’t really believe anyone controls the media. While there are companies who can control the messages we receive from the media, there isn’t one person or company who has absolute power. The evidence I have for this is the Harambe outbreak. The killing of the lowland silverback guerrilla was discussed through various forms of media, yet it lacked proper control. People were outrage that the gorilla was shot for posing and/or being a threat to a kid who had fallen into the enclosure. I do not know the full situation at hand, but it was impossible to ignore when it was being referenced everywhere I went. But I doubt anyone could have know that the phenomenon around Harambe’s death would be considered a controversial topic.

This chapter allowed me to see how the media can be controlled by larger companies. However, I’ve always been skeptical of the media and its messages. Unless the media involved something or someone personal to me, I make it a habit to ignore the media or question the media.

Week 11 – Final Blog – Blog 10

Aha Moments

  1. Left my Notebook at home! – One time, right before I walked in the door to the class, I had realized I left my notebook with my notecards ready to turn in at home. So I instantly turned around and drove home (20miles) for the points, because every point counts.
  2. Got called to do a presentation – One of the biggest Aha moments I had was when you called my name to do the presentation on Advertising voluntarily, and everyone in the world knew I wasn’t feeling it.
  3.  A sad “Aha” moment is I’ve run out of aha moments. 😦
Journalism 2 enhanced my Media Literacy ten fold. I understand how the system works and what’s real and what’s fake. One of the biggest things I picked up from this class is how the media impacts our society and how sources mean everything. A source is necessary, Period.
Thank you for a great year.

Week 1: Media Autobiograhy

Media: A Strong Influence Since I Was Young

By: Paula Jung


Books: I have grown up reading books from an early age. My mother used to take me to the local library when I was young so that I could spend hours reading books there, or discover new books to rent out for the week to read at home. I’m grateful for the availability and plethora of books that were accessible to me at either local libraries or school libraries growing up because I feel that they have helped me hone an interest in studying and reading. I still enjoy reading books but sometimes do not have a lot of time to read many books.

Newspapers: Though my family was quite interested in reading the newspaper daily, I was not interested in reading about the news despite my family’s encouragement for me to do so. When I did read the newspaper, I enjoyed reading the comic section the most. I like the newspaper for the reason that you can read about current events, but I would rather read news articles online rather than on the newspaper.

Magazines: As a young teen, I read a few magazines geared towards young women my age about fashion and beauty, but these days I do not read magazines much anymore. I liked to read magazines for fun at the local library as a teenager and liked the fact that magazines often entertained me with their eye-catching advertisements on various beauty products or clothing lines, but as I grew up those same beauty magazines became an annoyance to me rather than entertaining.

Movies: My family loved to watch movies in the movie theatres altogether from when I was young, and often times, my brother and I will still go out to the theaters to watch the latest blockbuster movie out. I have and still enjoy going out to the theaters with my friends to watch any new movies out and find that this will probably be a type of media form that I will continue to love throughout my lifetime. I like that movies are a great way to spend time with your friends or family, and are always interesting.

Recordings: Recordings such as podcasts and radio talk shows have existed ever since I can remember, but they were never of much interest to me. Instead of listening to these podcasts and talk shows, I much rather preferred listening to music stations. I do not listen to music stations these days as much as I did in the past.

Radio: As a middle-school and high-schooler, I listened to the radio quite often in the car, especially specific music stations.. However, nowadays, I do not like to listen to the radio and prefer to listen to my own music library available on my iPod during car rides. This way, I can choose to listen to the songs that I want, whenever I want, and usually the sound quality is much better than the radio station’s.

Television: I watched television a lot as a child after school or on weekends. In high school I started watching television on online streaming sites such as or Netflix. These days I still watch a lot of television through these online sites. I like that there are over thousands of shows a person could watch according to their personal interests and taste in shows. Television is also a great way to spend time with friends who love watching similar shows as you.

Internet: The Internet was incredibly influential for me growing up, as it was the tool for most of my studying, entertainment, and socializing with friends. I probably used the Internet for most of my day, growing up, and I think that I still use the same amount of time on the Internet currently as I did in the past! I think the Internet is the most important form of media for me, as so much of my everyday life is shaped by what is available for me on the Internet such as e-mail, entertainment, and keeping in contact with friends. I like the fact that the Internet is often times very easy to use, entertaining, and very helpful to help me accomplish my everyday tasks.

I think I would like a career in media. My major is currently Communications because I have always had a strong interest in things surrounding the media, especially visual media, art through media, and studying the effects of media. Since I have grown up using and watching media my entire life, I feel that I am adept in this area and my added interest in the field is helpful for me in my hopes one day finding a job in the world of media! I hope to transfer to San Jose State studying Communications.

Books or or Magazines – Blog 3

Week 3 | Books or Magazines – Blog 3
Talia Hudgens

As a child of the 90s I read, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day”  and “Chrysanthemum;” both which have now become motion pictures. “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day,” is simply written about a boy who wakes up and has a terrible day that if I recall correctly, never gets better but to me that was why it held influence; all the other books I have read at that age have lied to me about how realistic life truly is. To this day, I think about this book and realize how hard we,  humans, make things for ourselves and that life’s outcomes truly depict what we think.

“Chrysanthemum” was another book that affected my way of thinking. Chrysanthemum, of course, is the name of  a flower but it was also the name of a cute, little mouse who would always be made fun of because of it. One day, she took a class and her teacher had the name of a flower as well so they bonded and Chrysanthemum no longer felt insecure. You know how, after you’re done reading a book, your mind automatically gives a review of it? Well, if I can remember correctly, my last thoughts were, “It’s okay to be different,” as I was holding the book in my hand staring at the cover. No one really judged me for being different because they never knew that I was, I was just afraid to show it. Today, the book’s meaning resonates with me and let’s me know, that self-acceptance, and in some cases, pride,  is the best way to go.

The last book in my list that taught me to embrace myself was a book written by Youtuber, Issa Rae who creates mini, web-series’, her most popular one, “The Misadventures of an Awkward  Black Girl,” gained so much popularity, she decided to write a book about it, only depicting her life instead of the character she had created. The web-series gracefully collides two words that aren’t commonly connected to each other: awkward and black. (Which also happens to be the selling pitch of the series.) It was the first book I read that made me laugh-out-loud. After the book was over my final thoughts were, “She (Issa) is nothing like me,” but I can definitely relate to the character that she has embodied and developed.

Links to the books:

The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

Year of the Gentleman

David Carbajal


I’m going to be honest I really don’t like to read I find it boring and a waste of time, well that was until I found the amazing author by the name of Pierre Alex Jeanty who runs the website Gentlemenhood who wrote the books titled To the Women I Once Loved, Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman and Year of the Gentleman. These books illustrate the life of a man’s trials, situations and success of becoming a gentleman in a society where it is frowned upon. Pierre details all of the situations that faced within himself including growing up in Haiti then moving to the United States to become a writer, along the way he experienced the ups and downs of love and after suffering from numerous failed relationships due to his boyish ways and the influence he faced as a man growing up in the U.S. he has vowed to share the lessons from which he learned to the world to show men that Gentleman are still valued in this generation and also that women should be treated in a certain way then what society has shown. Pierre’s writings have impacted my life so much in a way that has changed my outlook on life, love and my spiritual relationship with God his writings are all about his life about the women he has met, the experiences he had with them and also the mistakes that were made with them and many of the things he writes I have gone through personally. Maybe that is why I look at Pierre as a role model because I can relate with him more than anyone I know. Since reading his blogs and books I have devoted my entire Instagram @Dlove408 to sharing his words with my friends on social media and hopefully the world since I’ve started I have received many messages from my friends and strangers thanking me for the stuff I post. Whether it was helping them through a tough break-up, depression or just showing that someone does care about the way women feel I highly recommend these books and Pierre’s website to all of you and I hope it impacts your life like it did mine.

Week 1 : Media Autobiography – Blog 1

Week 1: Media Autobiography

The Influence of Media

by Talia Hudgens

As a child of the nineties, I grew up with the media and it has affected my day-to-day life and altered my way of thinking – sometimes negatively, sometimes positively. Books were the first mediums that I was introduced to as a child. I would walk eagerly up to my book box and grab several books that seemed interesting to me and until it was time to go somewhere or I got bored, I would sit and read. My Mother didn’t force me to, it was just a little hobby that I liked to do on my own. This was an everyday ritual. I was a book addict. As a toddler, most of the books that I read consisted of more words than pictures. But as I grew older, I became more of a visual reader and the words automatically began to form vivid pictures. As a child the only time I was around a newspaper was when I went to my grandparent’s house my Mom would drop me off, and the first thing I would see was my grandfather sitting under the hot sun in a plastic chair reading a newspaper he was so engulfed in. Soon after I would come outside and join him. After he was done reading a section, I would read the same one. Now that I’m older, I tend to only read newspapers when I’m traveling since I take public transportation everywhere. At home, I had magazine subscriptions up until I hit the age of 17, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and then Teen Vogue. All print media has developed my critical thinking skills and allowed me to form my own ideas and opinions about the topics I am reading and to elaborate on them during conversations with people around me. The bad experience that I had with print media was that it doesn’t talk back.

Visual media, on the other hand, wasn’t something that I grew up with, it was a medium that I was exposed to an it didn’t become my medium of choice until I became a middle-schooler and I think that’s when I stopped reading books altogether. As a child and teenager, I was extremely creative and took many photos and videos, but those were just hobbies that I picked up around the house. I never took an interest in other people’s visual artwork, but I do appreciate good movies and music now. My relationships with the two other visual mediums, television and the internet have always been the same in that I never watch television unless there’s a show that I find interesting usually under the genre of ‘reality.’

I have never held a position in the media industry, but I have volunteered to do photography or videography for a few organizations I have volunteered for in the past as a teenager; most of them were non-profits and my jobs ranged from making promotional videos for Ballet San Jose’s Winter 2013 Nutcracker performance or taking photos during fashion shows to post on social media. Prior to volunteering or doing these internship, I took a year-long course in Graphic Design during high school. Currently, my major is Communications and I am looking forward to transferring to San Jose State in the Fall.

Blog #1: Media autobiograph

By Pho Le

I’m living in a society which media is a significant part. When i was a kid, i was contacted with many different types of media. Most of my knowledge was from books. I like to read book in my free time. Books are resources which provided my childhood understandings about outside world. Second media which i had interacted was movies. From the cartoons which i watched when i was a little kid ,then the action movies, romantic films… Those gave me many opposite opinions about life. It also established imaginations in my brain. I was starting to read my first magazine when i was thirteen years old. In fact , i don’t really like newspapers and magazines because it’s so bored to find the interesting informations for me. However, i can’t deny that newspapers and magazines are important. It provides a lot of informations and current affairs to people about every sides of society. Another media which i really like to use is radio. I have a habit that i need to listen to radio at least 30 minutes per day when i almost sleep. When every other media overloads for your head to receive informations. Radio is helpful. The informations which you hear on radio, it’s not necessary to be a bored news. It can be a song you like, a touching story which helps your brain relax after a long-tired day. I don’t think recording is a real media. I want to think about it like a special “pen” which i can write my diary. Recordings – a helpful tool for us to save the memorial moments. I don’t usually use recording. But i believe that young generation is using it everyday. And the last media which most affects my life is internet. Nowadays, internet is an essential part in society. It controls every activities. There are a lot of opposite opinions about the beginning of internet era, however no one can deny the benefits and influences of internet. I lived 15 years in Vietnam , where government controlled almost 99% of media. All of news which transmitted to each individuals was censored. In my country, i understand the inhibition of people when they can not say what they want and what they think about Congress and Government. I saw at the place where i was born there was a lot of secrets which they tried to hide. I could see at my country, in people’s eyes is scary of injustice. However, i do not completely support the freedom of speech through media. Because if there’s no censorship and control of government, there will be a big problem that is distortion of informations . Those wrong informations will cause a serious consequence that the tricks of people to people. Besides, with the culture of an Asian country, censorship of social media is necessary. But it just should be in limitation.


Week 3: Books

By Gabriela Sanches

I have read many books in my life, and this made me who I am now. The one that had the most influence on me were: Harry Potter series, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and The Book Thief.

The Harry Potter series influenced me while I as growing up, they taught me how to deal with some situations in my life such as family problems or school problems. They also taught me the importance of having friends, and how they are important to being happy. The Harry Potter’s books also taught me the importance of trust in myself, and the importance of not giving up when something doesn’t go my way. For me it was more than just great book.

When I was fifteen I read The Unbearable Lightness of Being(1984), a Philosophical fiction that told the story of two women(Tereza and Sabina), two men(Tomas and Franz), and a dog. It also explores a little of the history of Czechoslovak. This book made me think about philosophy in a way that I had never thought before. It also made me understand Czech culture.

The last one, I have read recently, it is The Book Thief. From my point of view, this is a great book because they show a different perspective from the Second World War. It also shows a human side of war, what is really difficult to get. In fact, it shows what the winners do not want to see, German people suffered attacks and this attacks killed innocent people such as German attacks killed innocent people from other countries.

Three Books

Week 3: Books

Three Books

By Andrew Masek

I can’t tell if it is because I haven’t read a lot of books, or if I just have a horrible memory, but there aren’t that many books that I recall ever reading cover to cover. The three books that have left the longest lasting impression on me are as follows: The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and Sula by Toni Morrison. The Catcher in the Rye left an impression on me for a couple reasons. For one, whenever I think about a book I have read, this one comes to mind because of how much complaining there is in the novel. But one thing I really liked about this novel is that despite everything that the main character does, he is always still just trying to preserve the innocence of Phoebe, and to look out for her even though he isn’t always around. And the last thing that comes to mind when I think about this novel, is how the main character was the equipment manager for the fencing team, but he lost the fencing equipment on the subway when they were going for a match. I just thought it was a comical moment and that’s probably why I remember it. The next book, The Kite Runner, I read in my junior year of high school and I’m not entirely sure what about it made me love it. There is not one set thing, but a huge part of it is how it was written. The main character was not like a lot of character whose heads I’ve been inside before. The book had some major twists that I really enjoyed and only one of them I saw coming. Lastly the book that I have most recently read is Sula. The reason why I remember this book is because of all of the characters. The characters of this novel are all just so different from each other and behave so oddly for the time that they are in, and at times it is very irrational and irritating. The thing I remember most about this novel is that a character is very dead set on creating a national holiday known as “National Suicide Day”. I remember reading it over a couple times to see if I read it correctly. I do not think that I will soon forget any of these books.

The Catcher in the Rye:

The Kite Runner:


Week 3: Books or Magazines

By: Tony Phan

The magazine I propose will be a lifestyle magazine geared towards Asian Americans. I believe that as a demographic, we are heavily underrepresented in any sort of American media. This magazine will serve as way to help balance that out, as well as provide role models and direction for a people who do not really have anywhere to look to. Usually, the word Asian conjures images of east Asian people, but my magazine will feature predominantly, other types of Asian people as well such as Southeast Asians, Middle Eastern Asians, and South Asians.

Name of Magazine: The Bridge (symbolic for connecting Western ideals with Asian backgrounds)

Concept: I am sure there are other Asian American magazines out there, but my magazine will focus on uniting and strengthening the Asian American community by bringing awareness to people, Asian American or not.

Readers: Asian Americans of all ages, or anyone looking to learn about our community.

Other Magazines: Hyphen Magazine, A. Magazine – There are not many Asian American magazines, but these are the prominent ones. My magazine will be different from these because it will not shy away from controversial topics that will require critical thinking and self reflection. I do not believe strengthening our community will be possible until we prod our issues (such as our identity in western dominant society) from many different angles.

Advertisers: Five advertisers possibly interested in our readers include: Uniqlo, which is an Japanese clothing company gaining traction in America. Quickly’s, a Taiwanese boba milk tea which many locations all over the world. Lee’s Sandwiches, a Vietnamese American sandwich shop that appeals to many people, not only Asians. Asian American Theater Company, an Asian American theater performance company started in San Francisco back in the 1980’s. Sun Pharma, a growing pharmaceutical company based in India.

Articles in premier issue: opinion article of the state of Asian Americans in American Politics, an article on Asian American lifestyles, an opinion article on a writers life growing up in two cultures, an article living as an Asian American in different parts of America, and an article on famous Asian Americans.

Cover of Premier Issue: The first cover will be simple, magazine covers nowadays always seem like a cluttered mess of words jumbled together fighting your attention. My first cover will be all white with the words “The Bridge” prominently on top in red. I believe that on a magazine stand, an all white cover will stand out among the other magazines.

Week 3: Books or Magazines – Blog 3

By: Whitney Stein

There have been more than just three books that heavily influenced me such as the Gossip Girl Series, and Tweak- however I put great thought into the books that influenced me most in multiple ways that have attributed to who I am today. 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman really taught me time management and a work/life balance ratio. Often times, especially as students who also work; we find it hard to have a social life or any time for ourselves because we are at school and work. The time slips away from our fingers. After reading this book I had the control of my time instead of loosing track of time. Bregman’s book gave tips throughout each chapter and also focused on self assessing our strengths and weaknesses to make us a better person to pursue our passion points in life.

I choose The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls due to how much emotion Walls was able to rip out of me. Movies, songs, news, do not make me cry, however her book pulled my heartstrings and I was then addicted. I finished the book in three days in while I was a sophomore in high school. This book is a memoir of her life growing up and it didn’t make me pitty her life, although it made me value mine and transformed me as a daughter, granddaughter and sister for my family. I valued my family more and became close to them just because of Walls’ book. That’s really when I knew truly well written books will demand emotion from the reader.

The last book I choose is called Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. I know it sounds political already. But trust me, I was also addicted to this book and finished in a weeks worth of time. I had purchased this book because I had just come out of a 5 year relationship and felt shitty about myself as a woman. I was a bit lost in direction and I was originally seeking a self-help/ self-improvement book. Instead I came home with Argov’s Why Men Love Bitches and it is probably my favorite book that I’ve ever read. It truly goes into the psychology of men and gives there perspective and look on women and who they are most attracted to, why/why not, how they stay attracted to women, and it gives all these tips on how to stay a strong woman and how to be the one in control of the relationship while not loosing a part of yourself in the mix. I would say this book is like a guilty pleasure because it’s not something every one will agree with or love or even read on a daily basis- but for me it hit home. It transformed and really affirmed my confidence as a young woman. Argov’s writing truly impacted me this last year (2015), as I continue to flip through the pages and re-read my notes that I’ve marked up in the book. It’s a book I recommend to all my girl friends.

Week 3: Books or Magazines

By: Nick Verbin

Books have always been an important source of information and entertainment while growing up. For this blog, I will discuss three books that influenced me and my upbringing throughout different time periods of my life.

The first book to have substantial influence on me was Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. When I was first introduced to these books, I was a young child, maybe age five or six. My mom used to read them to me and show me that reading can not only be beneficial to your education, but also funny and enjoyable as well. These poems made me laugh and sparked an interest in books at a young age.

In middle school, my mom also suggested I read Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. That was the first adult book I read, and it helped me quite a bit as an individual. I think most teenagers often feel disconnected from society and people, I felt a connection with this book that sparked an interest in adult literature. I would recommend this book to any young adult, as it later became my favorite book.

Later, in high school, I was required to read Animal Farm by George Orwell as part of our curriculum. This kind of book was a different experience, it was not only intriguing to me  on a literary level, but also a historical level. Animal Farm offers an allegorical tale of the Russian Revolution, and helped me understand that part of history as well. History is often best preserved in print books, not simply on the internet or in newspapers.

Week 3: books or magazines

Week 3: Books/ Maddy Kelly

In high school I read a book called The Help by Kathryn Stockett, that stuck with me forever. The story takes place in the 1960’s in Jackson, Mississippi. It is about African-American maids and the hardships they had to overcome during this time. It is a great story that touches all genres such as comedy, romance, and drama with many accurate historic details. Another book that stuck with me was the book Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist. This book is about a Christian woman’s journey throughout life and what she had to overcome in order to live the life she wanted. This is one of my favorite books because it taught me so many life lessons. It had humorous moments but also intense real life moments that I could relate to being only 20 years old. I like to read about people’s life experiences because it gives me a lot of great advice. The third book that I really enjoyed reading was The Hunger Games. This book stretches the mind and makes you think about what else could be out in the world. Although it is completely based on the imagination it makes you really think about a different way of life. Overall, I love reading and I enjoy reading all different kinds of books that opens my mind to many different things in this world, whether it’s real life stories or made up mythical things.

Week 3: Books or Magazines

Life Changing Books

By Sergio Cano

There has been several books that have made a big influential impact in my life. If I had to narrow it down to three it would be The Alchemist, The Boy Called It, and 1984. The Alchemist was very interesting to me because it gave me this adventurous point of view that I love to see. I am a very adventurous guy and reading this just made me want to travel more and see more. At the end after going through everything the main character went through, it made me realize that everything that I have ever wanted is just a few feet away from me. This was when the treasure he was looking for was just underneath him the whole time. The second book was about a boy that was mistreated by his mother by abusing him and treating him as if he was not a human being. He was forced to do poor chores and put at risk of killing himself. This book just put me down and has made me realize how I have took my life for granted. Also my parents I have took them for granted for so long as a kid until I read this book in high school that helped me open my eyes and see that not everyone has it as good as me. It has always matured me into becoming a man that helps out others and that tries to make a change in others. Last but not least, the book that made me grateful that our government is not ran this way. 1984 was a book about government watching everyone’s move and made everyone do the same exact thing everyone else did. The way this book influenced me was by showing me how the United States is a really great place to live in and that our freedom is a gift to us. It gives the power to be our own character.

Weeks3: Books or Magazine- Blog3

By Masayuki Furushima

In this week, I would like to introduce my recommended three books.

1.Pep Confidential: The Inside Story of Pep Guardiola’s First Season at Bayern Munich

This book was the story about Pep Guardiola, a Spanish football directer. In this year,2013-2014, he headed the first season as Bayern Munich. He said his philosophy for possession soccer, and also how to communicate with his assistants and players. I have respected him since he took up the first team, Barcelona. I think readers can find new perspective about soccer, if they read in many times. You will be able to know his soccer world well.

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2.The series of Harry Potter

I don’t usually read fantasy books, but this series is so funny that I read many times. There are many characters complexed at any kinds of situation. I can feel mysterious and expectation when reading.

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3.Steve Jobs

As you know, Steve Jobs is one of the most famous and greatest innovator. He spent a more strange life I thought before reading. For example, at first he did not think that students in university did not need to take the general education, but later he suggested  we go to university to learn some variety of subjects. Therefore, I can make a sense how to make my decision in my life.

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Week 3: Books or Magazines

By Yang Zhang

The first long store book I read is Harry Potter , the reason why this book had most influence to me ,because Harry Potter is first book I had read until the end , also make me realize I can do things without give up .

The second book had most influence to me is The Remains of the Day ,The author of this book is Kazuo Ishiguro . After read this book  I almost feel like Stevens in a real person and not a fictional character.  He tried so hard to do what he thought to be the right thing and in the end it all turned out to the wrong thing…I cried for at least a half hour after I finished the final page.

The last book is The World Is Flat , this book is my ESL teacher recommend to us in the class . This book really touch me , because the book make me know what is other people did in my age , how does they failure and success . Let me think what should I do for my life

Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

By Maxwell Egbujor

In the twenty-first century, we have reached an era where information lies on our fingertips 24/7. Google is our bestfriend nowadays and Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) expose everything for better or for worse. In terms of news coverage however, where most media coverage is hovered over by a conglomerate. Fox, CNN and MSN are all owned by conglomerates such as  Time Warner, 21st Century Fox and CBS Association. The owners and CEOs of these coporations all have various political stances and want the people that listen to their message to believe the same. News broadcasted from these stations usually have the truth in them but are portrayed in a manner to sway you, whether it be to the Right or Left wings, or to hit certain emotions so you feel a certain way about a crisis hopefully.  Chapter 2 truly changed my understanding of the media. I 100% understood that stations like Fox news were conservative and how politics play a huge role in the news you hear from the station’s broadcast. But I had little knowledge of the role that conglomerates play in how the stations are what they are today. I have no idea that Time Warner had such an influence on many things that I’ve come to know and understand today. The men and women that started these conglomerates wants their message to be spread to us in the most efficient way possible, and will broadcast to us our daily news with their little seasonings of political beliefs to go with it.

Week 3: Books or Magazines

Week 3: Books or Magazines

Jadhalyn Le

If you were to ask me if I could imagine a life without books, my immediate answer would be, “No.” For centuries, all knowledge within humans are expressed on paper and recorded into books. We still learn using books today. Books provide us knowledge on so many things, but were are not limited to just learning from them. They are here as time-passers and entertainment for all people. The strong literature gets points through and expresses so much creativity. Being able to look into the brain of another (the author), there is a spark in that that is unexplained, but let’s keep it that way. A book’s purpose is to stimulate brains in whatever area it is meant for. Magazines provide you shorts that allows you to catch up on life, fashion, around-the-worlds, etc. Magazines are like summaries with visuals to please their readers. I can appreciate their qualities in the entertainment world that rules over a lot in our lives. I do not see books or magazines dying out on us. We rely on books and magazines on such a level, it is part of everyday life.  I am constantly surrounded by books for all sorts of things, I do not want that to ever change. Here’s to learning.

Week 3: Books or Magazines

By Arbella Yousif

I don’t usually read too often, but when I do I must really enjoy it, three books that I have read that had the most influence on me were different but all taught me and influenced me. The first book was Into the wild by Jon Krakauer. I love this book the most because it made me appreciate whats important and that life isn’t about materialistic things there is so much more out there and so much more to see. We live in a world filled with people who focus on the exterior rather than the interior, and life is being taken for granted everyday and this book opened my eyes for that. The Second book was Catcher In The Rye by J.D Salinger. I just loved the darkness of it and how much it had on the way society defined itself and the influence it had on counterculture in the 1960s, it really changed my perspective on how good life is and what it’s really about and what’s really going on. Th last book was The Great Gatsby, everyone knows this book, and really this book influenced me in many ways, that money really can’t buy you happiness and today’s reality all we strive to do is to make lots of money and we forget about the real significance of life, it’s unfortunate but true. This book really showed me that you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow and to expect the unexpected.

Blog #2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

The danger of social media

By Pho Le

Social Media in this society becomes the most important use for teenagers nowadays because without they wouldn’t not able to finish their homework or even to get everybody to know who they are . According to the blogger named Amanda Lenhart , who wrote a blog called “ Teens , Social Media & Technology Overview 2015”, stated that “ Facebook is the most popular and frequently used social media platform among teens; half of teens use Instagram, and nearly as many use Snapchat and there are almost 71% of teenagers are using facebook” . Although , they didn’t know that their life’s in danger because all of the children and teenagers predator out there are hunting for these teenagers . The predator would sign up an account with a fake profile from internet and contact other teengers , then ask for a meet up day . Moreover, when they meet up , the predator would kidnap , rape , molest , and even sell them to other country for labor . Therefore , I believe as parents , they should take control of their children’s media usage because this is a serious situation that once they are addicted to social media , then they would do EVERYTHING , in order to do what they feel it is fulfil for their life and what they need is enough.


Here is a video shows that the real situation that I have talked as above.


After you watched this video , you should show it to everybody in the family to know and beware of their child .


Blog #3: Books and Magazines

By Pho Le

I like to read romantic books. In this times of modern technology which people have to race against age, those loving story help me to stop and to perceive,… The first novel that impressed me is “ If only it were true” a moving story of Marc Levy. It was a love between a ghost and a young businessman. I admired them and admired their love . Despite the separation of life and death , they keep on loving each other . That story teaches me how to love, teaches me how to forgive and love a person more than love myself . Second book which I want to mention is a famous novel called “ Twilight” written by Stephenie Meyer . Once again, I’m concerned with a loving story. Each story is another perspective about love. In “Twilight” , the power of love can overcome every boundaries of challenges. Love changes people’s emotion, it makes people happy , but it also makes people sad. A message that stayed in my mind after reading “Twilight” is that love doesn’t depend on destiny , it depends on us if we want to reach to love as your goal and love also can disappear if we don’t respect it and don’t cherish it . Lastly, another book which I want to talk about is “ The Call of The Wild” one of the masterpiece of Jack London. It’s not only because of the beauty of the content , but also a meaningful message. Perhaps, compassion and love are the most lofty and beautiful things . Even when Buck – the dog in the story was scared and doubt of people , human’s love has made it touched. Moreover, the story reminded us to love animals because they are our friends and will always be faithful to us .The ending of the story is Buck’s howling and he ran back to forest. I believe that is why the author named the book as : The Call of The Wild”.

Week 3: Books

Week 3: Books

Influential Books

By Jacqueline Contreras

After reading Rain Of Gold written by Víctor E. Villaseñor, the story that follows two families and their journey into the United States from Mexico, I was inspired to look into my family’s migration experience. This novel illustrates the struggles that Villaseñor’s parents experienced during the Mexican Revolution as well as their separate experiences as Mexican immigrants in America. The issues the characters face in the novel reminds the readers of the sacrifices immigrants make in order to provide for their family, as well as the harsh treatment they receive from those who wish to see them fail.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is one of my favorite novels due to the fact that readers can easily make connections to its events with ones happening in our society today. The novel tells the story of barn animals and how they rebel against their owner due to the lack of freedom and mistreatment, only to find themselves facing oppression from new rulers. The story really puts things in perspective with how it explains they way in which privilege and power is corrupt.

In Twelve Angry Men, written by Reginald Rose, a jury must decide wether a young man must be charged with the death penalty after he is accused of murdering his father, or be set free. While the jury argued on wether the accused is guilty or innocent, I learned that giving others the benefit of the doubt is crucially important. (This one is actually a play)

Week 3: Books or Magazines – Blog 3 –

By Maxwell Egbujor


Name: Sense

Concept: Sense Magazine is going to run through the young generation and appeal to this generation’s masses. A magazine for the young and involved, composed by those involved in this generation. Not a bunch of older adults that have no major sense of how this generations celebrities, sports and stars are.

Readers: Our readers will consist of an Age group of 15-30. Obviously anyone can read our magazine if they choose, however, most of the magazines addressed topics will concern the young and interest the young. It is a Pop/Hip-hop based magazine, covering your favorite sports, celebrities and stars. It is a good read for both male and female, and please don’t feel like you need to be a part of the “cool kids” to understand and relate to these magazines, It’s for all young people.

Others: Other magazines serving our masses are “Complex”, “Source”  and “People.” They have the same general topics that appeal to our same audience, but unlike ours, we have the audience’s peers (people the audience can fully relate to) composing the magazine.

Five advertisers that could reach our readers are BuzzFeed, Fusion, NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Our premier issue would consist of

  • Sports
  • People (Celebrities)
  • Major Keys (How to survive through your day and age (School) )
  • Hot Sizzlin’ Topics (Food)
  • What’s Popping (Clothing, Men and Women)
Our Cover pages over time would include the Hottest Artist, Featured guest on the magazines, Hot topics and Food!
For Example:

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Week 3: Books

Sara Raheem

Although I am considered to be a part of the technology savvy, rampaging, outspoken youth, growing up my only form of entertainment were books. Throughout the years I’ve fallen inlove with several books, but the three most impactful books that have stretched and broadened my perspective were, “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury.  In The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood focuses on a totalitarian government evaluating woman’s worth solely based off whether they are capable to reproduce. The book plunges into a world where life as a woman or man is restricted, placing guidelines on each citizen. Like many first generation Americans, my parents left their country in search of better opportunities and higher quality of life. I was privileged enough to be brought up in a stable environment that exercised no type of patriarchy, but unlike me my extended family was not so blessed. On a trip to Pakistan when I was fourteen, I witnessed many of the rules and regulations placed on women that were written about in Margaret Atwood’s book. It changed my life because although the book identifies as “Science Fiction,” it showed how prevalent the issues in the book are. “The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coelho helped me understand that living in the moment is incredibly important. People are easily susceptible to worrying about the future, or worrying about the past. Personally, I had a lot of trouble with the concept of living each day at a time. I found myself worrying over things that may not happen, and pestering on what things I could have done better. The book helped with my mental journey. Another book that helped with my “mental” journey was “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury because of how the characters handle normal social issues.

Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

By Yang Zhang

For now video game is really popular is middle school,high school , college . Even adults they all like video game some of them even addicted about the video game .

In October 1958, Physicist William Higinbotham created what is thought to be the first video game. It was a very simple tennis game, similar to the classic 1970s video game Pong, and it was quite a hit at a Brookhaven National Laboratory open house.

Even me love video game too ,but there is a problem , for a the adults most of them know how to control themselves , they know how to schedule the time to play game and work , study . But how about all the kids and teenagers ? when they start playing video game sometime the out of control about themselves , they forget homework .forget go to school ,forget what is their responsibility for students ,and some kids because they play too much video game they killed someone

               A sixteen-year-old Jeff Weise,who shot dead nine people at and near his Red Lake,Minn,school before killing himself,reportedly left clues to his troubles in Web site and blog posting on Hitler,suicide attempts and school shooting as well as a violent animation posted on the Internet.

So there is the question : Should children totally stop play video game ?  I think most the answer from parents is “Yes” . Because first they thinking video game let their children will grew up “weird “. Weird is defined as: being single forever  being isolated, living in a basement, becoming obsessive compulsive and either neglecting their own health to the point where they become sickly and borderline anorexic or overeating to the point where they have to be removed from their basement with a crane. This of course is limited to perceptions of male gamers. As for girls, well they just don’t play video games. Statistics from 2012 show that the gaming audience made up of women was 47%though this dropped to 45% in 2013. This has yet to filter into the general public mindset.

Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media – Blog 2

By: Whitney Stein

To be completely honest, I do believe we have more options as far as what news we would like to zero in on or take the time to read, understand, or argue for. Although, the way that we collect the information is owned by a small series of conglomerates which I think is okay due to fact that consumers have Google. Before the 21st century there was newspaper, radio, TV- ect. But now we have additional sources of information provided by search engines such as Google. Not saying Google is replacing or is in fair competition with the newspaper, TV, and radio outlets, however it is a great way to do research and dig deeper into personal sources of the different types of media. This has impacted media in a huge way- many stories go viral and the internet and websites such as Google have world wide viewers, world consumers that play a huge role in how we look into the media and almost direct in a sense the media. Also, the difference that consumers have now compared to the consumption of media before, was very limited as far as when and where to access information in regards to the media. Apple has come into play with regards to how we access the media and how the media interrupts and reaches out to consumers now. From iPhones, iPads, to MacBooks and iMac, we can access the media/news at home, in the car, at work, in the bathroom, at the cafe- it’s changed how much we consume and this has supplemented media and ultimately benefited the media and the consumers. Due to many Apple products and other tech companies innovations, the audience of media is even more in charge and running what we want to see. In order to access information for let’s say- a politics research paper- I wouldn’t have to watch T.V and hear about multiple things the media might be talking about just to get to the topic of a political debate. But now with the help of Apple, Google, and an audience member (myself), I can easily research the information I need and type into Google “Democratic Political debate 2016” and my search is more refined and thus making myself the controller of how I consumed that information. Now, who is in control of the political debate and how everything is ran within the debate- it’s politics and the audience of that debate responds and sways how the media will respond the next day towards what was said in the debate. It’s a push and pull relationship.

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