Week 3: Books, Books That Made an Impact on my Life

By Khalil Bourgoub

When I think of all of my favorite books, it is really tough for me to pick out all of my favorites because most of the books that I enjoyed reading the most were parts of series. Growing up I read through the entire Series of Unfortunate Events book series by Lemony Snicket. Those books really affected my childhood because they always made me excited to read, and I feel like those books made my connection to literature and books in general a lot stronger. I felt a huge connection to all the characters, which made reading each book fun and exciting. The next series I want to talk about is the Millennium Series by Steig Larsson. These books were probably my favorite books of all time because of how captivating each book was to me. The characters are interesting and each plot is new and extremely intricate. I don’t know if I am completely biased to murder mystery novels, or just mystery novels in general because I always find them the most interesting because they keep my thinking through out the whole book. That facet of mystery books is definitely my favorite trait about almost everything I find fun, if something is thought provoking and makes me think about how everything works within its own system, it will definitely be intriguing to me. That is also a good transition into my last book I want to talk about, Edgar Allan Poe poem compilations. Poetry definitely made me much more analytical of literature which taught me to look deeper than just the surface level text, which is most of the information that we read and digest. Even though this isn’t a book title I can list I do have a huge book of all of his work that I can reference. I think it’s important to mention this book because it introduced me to one of my favorite genres of literature. Poetry has always intrigued me more than most other forms of literature because it reminds me the most of music, which is my favorite art form. Edgar Allan Poe definitely also inspired me to write poetry on my own, which is something that will always be very important to me.

Series of Unfortunate Events: https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Wreck-Unfortunate-Events-Books/dp/0061119067 (All 13 books)

The Millennium Series: https://www.amazon.com/Stieg-Larssons-Millennium-Trilogy-Hornets/dp/B00EB215SE (All 3 books)

Edgar Allan Poe’s complete poems and tales: https://www.amazon.com/Edgar-Allan-Poe-Complete-Selected/dp/145150506X 


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