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The Different Kinds of Media

By Patrick Smith

We as a culture live in a media saturated world. Media can entertain and stimulate us, but it can also inform us of what is happening around the world. Like it or not, media has played an essential part in our lives, including mine. Some more than others, though. Printed newspapers, and magazines (that are not comic books) mostly haven’t played much of a role in my life. Sure, they’re constantly present in my household, but unless Entertainment Weekly has a new article about this or that movie that I’m interested in. I do like reading film criticism, though, but I tend to do that online since I’m not really a fan of the film critics in my local newspapers. I do spend far too much time online, though. Whether it’s watching movies on Netflix or Hulu, or writing reviews on Tumbr, my laptop (or ipad) and I are never far apart. I like music a lot, but again, it really doesn’t play that big of a part in my life other than letting me zone out into my own little world when I’m on the bus. I am an avid consumer of television. I’m always waiting for a certain show to return from hiatus, and I have a watchlist of about 50 shows I need to catch up on. But my passion lies in the art of film. I. Love. Movies. Ask any of my friends or coworkers (there isn’t much of a difference between the two) practically everything that comes out of my mouth is an obscure movie quote, a piece of trivia, or my analysis about whatever movie we’re talking about. I love making movies, I love writing about movies, and I’m almost always thinking about movies.


Media Autobiography

By Stephanie Lopez

My relationship with the eight types of mass media has transformed significantly throughout my life. Being born in the late 1990s has given so much time for me to witness each type of media to shift into its modern facet, barely similar to the way they were when I was a child. As a somewhat soft-spoken introvert, media is an ideal way to escape the stresses of daily life when I do not feel like stepping outside of my comfort zone. For that reason and many others, each type of media has been an important factor of my life.

I have always adored films, probably making it my favorite type of mass media. In a world that consisted of perfect circumstances, I would pursue a film-making career. Starting around seventh grade, I would be most excited to come home every afternoon to a different movie ready to be watched. It was basically an illuminating escape from the treachery known as my middle school years, but the habit of frequently finding films to view stuck around to present day.

Print media, specifically books, has been another major part of my life. Like film, books have been another form of diversion during the times reality has been too much to handle. I read a lot more novels as a kid, but I am still always on the lookout for an engaging story. To find a book that I can truly relate to and find enlightening is like hitting the jackpot in my opinion. I even plan on getting a quote from a novel by one of my favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut, tattooed onto my wrist.

Newspapers have not always been a top priority form of media for me until recent years. Growing up, I would always look forward to reading the comics that came with newspapers, but that was to the extent of my use. I only started reading the actual news when I became more aware of my surroundings and the world, which was around eighth grade. Until then, I was a narcissistic little pre-teen who would much rather engross herself in mindless magazines about celebrities that don’t matter. Nowadays I like to believe that I have shifted from vain magazines to ones similar to newspapers in the way that they inform me of what is happening in this world, such as Time. I do admit to still reading magazines that are aimed towards an audience with my similar interests, but now instead of Disney Channel stars, they have to do with film.

Recordings, or music, has been there for me in the lowest points of my life. The messages conveyed and the sheer variety that the world can offer pertaining to recordings is something extraordinary and I have and will always appreciate this specific form of media above many other things. Radio is a way to transmit new recordings which I treasure and even the things that radio provides other than music are important. I listen to recordings whenever I am not doing anything else that takes my full attention and I listen to radio for information and knowledge almost every day. Television is similar to radio in the way they can use emphasis on voices and expression, but the visual aspect that radio lacks is what I love about television. I don’t watch TV as much as I did as a kid, but it’s always been a source easily available to me.

I believe the last form of media, the Internet, ties all the previous mass media types together into one. I use the Internet constantly, more than any other kind of media, and I love it for its convenience. I also believe it’s a double-edged sword as it is full of completely false or inessential factors, but I think the pros of it definitely outweigh the cons.

Media autobiography

By John Palalia

Through out the years my personal experience has changed the way I think about society and my self. When I was a kid in primary school back in Mexico city where I am from, I remember reading the news paper every weekend, I attended a catholic school so the news paper was catholic oriented so I could see a certain perspective about what was going around my town, this guided the way I thought for many years and also the books that we read were very traditional and because of that in some subjects the lacked information. When I was in high school in the united states I remember being introduced to NBC and Fox news and also MTV television, I quickly learned that almost all my class mates where affected in some way by these media, sadly in many ways most people would argue that my generation was not being affected in a good way, in fact it brought up our stereotypes and high school bad habits even more. When I started attending college also in the U.S. I started using media in a different ways and i opted to start using social media (Facebook) even though I was still using the Internet as the main source to get my news and information, I became more selective and the source.

Media Autobiography

By Stephanie Andrada

When I first started kindergarten we use to always read books and there would be story time. I quite liked the feeling of a book in my hand, turning the page and seeing the pictures as I read along. As I grew up books started to fade and now children and students have the option of getting it online, which I think is efficient in its own way. Being a college student not having to lug around a five pound text book to class is pretty convenient.

I use to be one of those people who liked to read the newspaper, when I joined the army and went overseas to Iraq I didn’t have the option to pull out my phone and see the stats of a game or read about what was going on in America. So I developed a relationship with the newspaper that was afforded to us down range. It was difficult to not be able to have a phone in your hands to check the news, but eventually I got use to it. I can say the same thing for magazines, in school there would be small little art projects that we did with magazines. We would cut out words and pictures to describe a prompt that was written on the board, but now a days we don’t have projects like that anymore. I liked expressing my thoughts through pictures rather than words sometimes. I felt that I could say more with pictures than words.

When I watched movies it was a way for me to understand the world from a different perspective, whether it was dramatized or completely accurate depicted in documentaries and other genres. What I like about movies is the expression of how something happened in history and how it was depicted in that movie, but there are other times that I didn’t like movies for that simple reason.

I haven’t had much encounter with recordings such as pod-casts. The only recordings that come to mind are ones where my teacher would put in a tape and a man or woman would be reading us a story. I guess I didn’t really like that because I wasn’t able to follow along with the words right in front of me.

I use the radio constantly. As a kid I would go to sleep with the radio on and wake up with it. I listen to music as much as I possibly can. When I was younger I had to buy a boom box to be able to listen to it, and I always hated listening to the commercials, so every time one came on I would change the channel, now I don’t have to do that. All I have to do is grab my phone turn on my music app that I pay monthly for, at a very miniscule rate and boom there are no more commercials.

As far as television goes, when I was a kid we didn’t have a television for the longest time, so me and my brothers would have to find other ways to entertain ourselves, but once we got our first television we could only watch one hour of it and then off it went. As I grew up my mom got more lenient about TV time and I watched it all the time, now at the age of 24 I don’t even turn on the TV at home I just lay in bed and watch Netflix all day.

It use to be that people said “don’t believe everything that you see on TV.” Now people are saying “don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” It’s funny how things change. I use the internet as a source for school so if I were to read something that I researched I would have to go deeper into that topic and really figure out for myself what is true and what is false.

Some of the most important media outlets to me out of the eight are the internet, radio and television, only because those are the things that I use the most in my daily life. Beginning from when I was a kid growing up until now.

Media auto Biography

By Thomas Cyncor-Mcmillan

When it comes to the media I have one favorite, which is radio, not just any radio station I list to 88.5. This station is called National Public radio, I listen to this station because they are a non profit which means they do not have to play to their corporate sponsors agendas which means they are the most religable source out  there (in my opinion). When it comes to books and movies I have kind of a love/hate relationship. I love when I find a good movie with actual dialog and not just endless CGI and “shoot ’em up” seens because honestly it gets kind of old after a while. My reading habbits are rather sparatic because sometimes I will go through a book a week then for months at a time I wont even think about picking one up, I guess I just need something to really interesting to catch my eye. When it comes to newspapers and magazines I do not read them that often because the world we live in is so fast paised that by the time I get around to picking a copy of zed newspaper or magazine the information has already been on the internet and evaluated and re-evaluated so many times I can pick and choose the best expert opinion to base my own perception off of. Last but not least, television the great decline of western society, apart from the daily show I believe it should be removed from public view to stop the epidemic of stupidity we have moving through this country faster than a wild fire in mid summer. I hate to sound like a cynic but 99.999% of the stuff on T.V is utter garbage. I am a Public Relations Major Planning on transferring to Chico State which means sooner or later I will have to change my out look on main-stream media but for now I am completely happy being the grumpy guy who really only enjoys media if it has something to say.

Media Autobiography

By Yanno Sarakinis

Growing up I used to love to read, but now it seems as though I have narcoleptic tendencies as soon as I pick up a book. I wish I could read for fun but I cannot stay awake anymore which really is a shame. Newspapers, I also have a sparse relationship with. Every once in a while in the restaurant I work at someone will leave one behind and I will look through it and try and look like an adult. I don’t have any magazine subscriptions but I do occasionally pick up a Rolling Stone or  some kind of guitar magazine to look at gear and techniques used by musicians I admire. Recordings, I assume is referring to music or podcasts. If that’s the case I listen to lots of music all the time in many forms such as cd’s, mp3’s, and vinyl. I watch a lot of movies and would like to think of myself as a movie connoisseur of sorts. I am a huge fan of many types of movies stretching from classic horror movies such as Night of the Living Dead to John Wayne era Westerns like North to Alaska. I used to listen to the radio as I drove but as soon as I got a good deck for my car with an auxiliary port and a CD player I have never looked back. I never really listened to talk radio really but if someone puts it on I wont object. In my senior year of high school I was on the high school radio station which was super fun and a good way to blow off an hour of school. I used to play whatever music I wanted (well kinda, there couldn’t be a lot of profanity) and we used to cover current events and talk about upcoming albums from our favorite bands. Television is iffy because for the most part I can’t stand all these dumb shows about whose got “talent” or what some dumb spoiled rich girl is doing with her life. I use TV mainly to get to my beloved movies. I use the internet pretty often to look up quick questions but I understand that I can also be on Youtube for days without sleep so I am mindful on how much time I waste on the internet.

I guess I wouldn’t object to having a career in the media, especially because I am a communications major and I did enjoy my time in Radio in high school. I am planning on transferring to San Jose State and I may take an interest in their Radio programs.

Media Autobiography

By Jorian Lewke

For as long as I can remember, I have had a yearning to see as much of this world as possible, from as many perspectives as my mind could handle. Inevitably, this lead to an immense love for books, movies, and television to take me to places I had never been and to explore different sides of life than what I was being exposed to. As an avid writer, I feel I learn a great deal by reading the works of great writers, my favorites ranging from Tim O’Brien to Fyodor Dostoyevsky. I do not enjoy watching tv and movies as much as reading, but I do appreciate some tv shows that truly make you invested in the characters and movies that carry lessons that can only be taught through the use of cinematic story telling. My favorite tv shows are Scandal, Criminal Minds, and The Newsroom. I use radio mostly as a mode of discovering new music, but I also appreciate NPR and talk radio shows as another form of distributing news. The Internet is something I can not imagine my life without, and the ways that I utilize its capabilities are endless. The websites I visit most often are the Huffington Post and WordPress. My fascination with newspaper began when I learned that someone I highly admire used to be an acclaimed photojournalist. He was able to tell me about his experiences and I now love to not only read newspapers, but appreciate the difficult jobs of the photojournalists as well. Magazines are where I truly see a future for myself. As someone interested in both advertising and journalism, I appreciate magazines for their attention to detail and ability to take the stories and couple them with beautiful photos, graphics, and generally appealing layouts. I would love to see myself as a magazine editor in the future, and am planning on attending UCBerkeley’s Media Arts program.

Week 1: Media Autobiography

By Manuel Jaimes

Through out my life I was lucky enough to have experiences all the types of media mentioned in the textbook such as, books, newspaper, radio etc. I have a younger sister which is 10 years old and I can bet that she has never read a newspaper or any other type of media besides the internet or the Television, she doesn’t even listen to radio, cars today have Auxiliary cords or are Bluetooth enabled so she listens to her own music, when riding the car with my parents. I didn’t have that growing up, I had to listen to 30 minutes of commercials and only being able to enjoy 1 or 2 songs on my car trips. That’s the difference between the media I grew up with and the media my sister is growing up with. We now can choose what type of information want to consume and the discard the ones we don’t.
Growing up TV was my life, I remember at first our family’s TV had only a few channels, we didn’t have cable until I was maybe in the 3rd grade. I was amazed on how good the quality was and how many channels we could watch after getting cable. Even-though we now had 100 plus channels I only watched around 3 because those were the only channels that had cartoons. I had to wait for the cartoons I liked I had the scheduled memorized so I knew what shows would come and a certain hour. TV that my sister watches now would have been my dream, HD and she can record shows, and she never misses anything. And when she doesn’t watch TV she hops on her tablet and streams her programs advertisement free! I used to hate watching Ads, now she can fast forward or hops on the streaming services and they don’t even show advertisement.
I never really enjoyed reading so I rarely read books or magazines. Not until I got a bit older and was introduced to the Internet was when I was amazed and was reading articles and webpages that interested me. With the Internet and smart phones I’m able to read magazines articles that are filtered to my interest just with one application.
I didn’t own a computer or have access the Internet until I was around 13 years old, but once I did own a computer I was hooked. The Internet had a great impact on my life. I was amazed how much you can do with it, I was able to upload pictures and videos and my friends were able to see them, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Growing up I noticed the Internet has gone through a lot of changes and I started realizing that many of my favorite websites started being operated by larger companies and I started seeing more advertisements. Nevertheless, I still spend most of my time on the Internet and it is one of the biggest media services I use,
To have a career in media would be something I have always saw myself being a part of, although I’m still a little confused what exactly I want to do. Media will always be part of our American culture, I’m anxious on the future forms of media.

Media Autobiography

By Armen Vardanian

Books were the first media I had my encounter with in my childhood.  The television was not yet available in early 1960s, so my mother would read me a book, teaching me Russian letters, and how to put them together into words.  I developed a great bond with books and carried this affection throughout my life.  I used books in a school, because computers were not available during my school years; went to university libraries for to study; and read at least one book a month for leisure.  Later on in my life I learned several languages, which gave me an opportunity to read many original books.  I have an extended collection of books and love to buy them frequently, especially the special edition books, which have unfortunately become less available.

I remember going to a newspaper stand to read a newspaper, which was a normal practice back in Soviet Union, because many people were not able to afford a newspaper subscription.  The newspaper was, and still is, a great source of information for me in areas of global event, political life and financial occurrences.  Nevertheless, the Internet rapidly diminishes newspapers role in my life.

I love glancing through different magazines when waiting in doctors’ offices, haircut outlets, and other places of work.  I subscribe “Golfer” magazine at home and several technical issues at work that help me to keep up with the latest innovations in the field of my work.

I loved to go to movies in my youth, because it was the main entertainment source for me and my school friends at that time.  As a child I would model the main characters in the movies, which had certainly impacted my life and honed my character.  However, in my adolescence I became less enthusiastic and indifferent towards movies and would visit movie-theaters on very rare occasions.

The recordings, especially music recordings, played tremendous role in my life.  I started playing violin at age of six and guitar at age of twelve.  As a musician, I spend enormous time in recording studio, recording and producing songs.  I have used different recording devices for recording purposes, such as: real-to-real tape recorders, cassette recorders, CD media, and digital recording.  I’m a big enthusiast of collecting music CD’s, and I have over thousand CD’s in my collection.

Radio is a wonderful mass communication media, which I listened whole my life.  I owned a portable AM radio back in Russia and would take it with me when camping, as it was a very convenient device to carry.  I developed my political association and affiliation, by listening radio shows in my car, when I first immigrated to the U. S.  I listen AM and FM radio in my car while driving to and from work.  Although, the current radio formats became more commercialized, I still enjoy listening radio shows and music.

I don’t like watching television a lot, because I prefer to read books, and to have face-to-face interaction with my friends.  Nevertheless, I spend about an hour in front of the television on daily bases, mainly watching news reports, sport programs, and catching a show or movie occasionally.

The Internet plays substantial role in my life.  I use the Internet at work for a research; at home for education and entertainment purposes; and on the road, when I’m traveling.  My life heavily depends on the Internet use for communication with my friends via email and “Skype.”  Reading the news on my computer, watching YouTube videos, and paying bills on line became part of my life in the last several years.

Week I : Media Autobiography

I’m a member of a generation born into technology. Mass media is as pervasive these days as the automobile, but with that power comes great responsibility. When I was a kid, my go-to was a book. It was a newspaper, a VHS tape, the occasional show on the telly. Even at that age, I realized that most of what I saw was fiction. I realized that some information may or may not be fabricated, that the truth lies deeper within. What I didn’t see coming was its impact on who I am today. When I was a kid, I indulged in quite a bit of media. Some children idolized Batman, some prefer Superman, my hero ended up being James Bond. He was elusive, ever-so-stylish, a ladies man with the lethality of a serpent. I quickly fell in love with the entire motif, blind to the fact that it was only a movie based on a book based on, well, nothing. There was no real James Bond, but media made a living, breathing person out of an idea. Media made a hero out of an ordinary man, and that is only an example of the power media holds. Media can transform an election, media can slander and media can bolster, media can keep us connected or it can tear us apart. Media is an idea, an unlimited canvas in which the mind may wander. Movies can change your opinions, television can form your identity, the newspaper can make you fearful and the Internet can grant you omniscience. It’s a powerful suite of tools that can bring people together or tear them apart. It can make us laugh or make us cry. The power is absolutely unlimited, and is arguably both the most destructive weapon of our time and our salvation as a species. Thanks media, for everything you’ve done.

Week 1: Media Autobiography

by Alena Naiden

I felt in love for the first time when I was five and started to read. It had become a hopeless addiction that filled me with greed and admiration for words. In a week, I used to finish the books my mother expected of me to read for a month. Exploring imaginary worlds of fiction, I could forget to eat or to come home on time, so my mom often ended up rushing into the library in search for me. This passion is still alive; my favorite authors now are Albert Camus, Ken Kesey and Ykio Mishima, and my home library is my main heritage and treasure.

My experience with magazines also started early, and what I liked most about them was the special smell of paper. Later, letters from editors that opened magazines made a strong impression on me as the first examples of journalism, and for some time I dreamed to write analytical articles for a magazine.

My relationship with television wasn’t long lasting, even though I watched it a lot in school years. Then I became disappointed in the quality of TV programs and stopped watching them. I don’t have TV for 7 years now, though I still love watching movies.

Music is a type of media that goes through all my life; my mother loved to listen to the radio, and so did I. I wasn’t picky until the age of 14 when I started to listen to rock radio stations, and in the same time I got my first recording, Linking Park’s album. Right now I have my music collection in iTunes, and it includes genres from blues to hip-hop.

When I was 18, I opened Internet to myself and became addicted to it, especially to the Russian social network VKontakte. Now I also use Internet for learning and getting news.

I don’t have any experience reading newspapers, but I was printed in them as a writer. My first work was published when I was 11 and wrote an essay for the religious school. My next article saw print only this October when I decided to write for De Anza college newspaper, La Voz. It was a completely new experience that gave me a sense of what real journalism is. I hope to make a career as a journalist, even though I’ll take creative writing classes to check if there is a writer sleeping deeply inside of me.

Blog #1

Media Autobiography

Alan Farinas

My relationship with the eight types of mass media differs between each of them. I love and read tons of books because they can take me somewhere without having to leave my house. I’ve been getting into more “how-to” books recently and I like how I can learn new skills on my own. Movies are like books to me as they take me to another place and let me see stories that I wouldn’t usually see in everyday life. My favorite kinds of movies are animated films and independent films. My relationship with magazines has grown a lot as a young adult due to my discovery of VICE magazine. VICE and similar magazines are filled with news and stories that aren’t mainstream, so it’s is refreshing to read them. These magazines greatly influence my personal tastes in design, music, hobbies, and etc. Out of all the types of mass media I use the internet the most since I have access to a majority of what I want to read up on. But a draw back is that it is easy to get lost online or become unproductive. I have a strong relationship with television because I’m majoring in advertising and maybe half of what people see on television are advertisements. Even though there is a lot of informative and creative content being shown there is a lot of the opposite of that. And just like the Internet it is easy to get sucked in. I hardly use the remaining three types of mass media. Recordings are essentially non-existent in my life since I can’t recall a time I have ever listened to one. But if we are talking about video recordings I sometimes watch DIY YouTube videos. And I don’t listen to the radio at all because the music that gets played isn’t anything I like. As for newspapers, I don’t like the feel of them and they are just visually unappealing to me. Plus, all the news get posted on the Internet and easier to cycle through. Personally, the Internet, television, and magazines are the most important types of mass media to me since I hope to work in an advertisement agency or for a magazine like VICE.

Blog #1 media Autobiography

By Reylene Rodriguez

My relationship with the eight types of news is very diverse, yet very dependable on each other. For instance when books I was never a big book reader, I never found them worth my time. Yet now this past year and even new year, I have made it a new goal to read more about self-improvement and relationship books, to help me grow in life. Magazines for me have always been very self motivating, mainly entertainment and fashion, and workout magazines, I use to motivate me in health and appearance, they always help to keep me in the loop of whats new. I have never been too fond on newspapers. My relationship with movies have always been very regular. I try to go see a new movie at least once a month to get away from stress and enjoy life a little. Recordings and the radio have also been very important to me, music has really helped get me through some of the life most loneliness times. It has also helped motivate me and helped celebrate life’s funnest times. Last but definitely not least, the internet has been so vital in my everyday life. It keeps me connected to my everyday duties, along with whats going on in my social realm and helps me explore the unknown. Right now I am an intern at NBC bay area so all these types of news are vital in my field. With my major being communications, it is almost a must to keep on each category so to speak. I love how my culture and life are very interactive with media all around us, yet there are those times where I do feel that it does hurt us as a population as well. My dream job is to work for “E! News” as a tv personality, doing celebrity news and events life the Oscars red carpet. I am praying that I get accepted to CSULA or CSU Long Beach in southern california, to transfer and continue to try to fulfill my dreams in the entertainment business.

Blog #1: Media Autobiography

By Robert Michel Sulgit

My history with media is probably not to dissimilar to a lot of my class mates, within the 8 forms of media, I have likes and dislikes of each, and prefer some to others

To start, I find books incredibly useful and interesting, my favorite genre being either historical fiction or True Crime (authors like Nicholas Pileggi) Books are an excellent resource for recounting entire events, whereas they lack in accounting information in any real time basis. I read books constantly in my childhood.

I also have a love of Newspapers, although when in a rush for deadline, facts can often go unchecked and fall into inaccuracy. They are very useful for accounting information in real time as an event happens.

While now I am only subscribed to National Geographic, magazines are very useful for large exposes on events such as spreads in TIME or the former Newsweek magazine.

Movies are my personal favorite form of media, although there are a lot of distinct flaws with using movies to recount real world events, as they are often embellished, inaccurate, exaggerated and by nature, flawed. That being said, there is a certain style to films that in my opinion, completely exclusive to the medium. My love for films is one of my most sacred pastimes and hobbies.

I don’t use a lot of recordings, as most news i follow happens in real time, I prefer to use the radio, and only use recordings as a means to learn about older events.

Radio I use when I am driving, as it keeps me informed, I exclusively listen to NPR, as I have an extreme distrust for all other syndicated radio stations. (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC) as I feel they do not often present all angles of a story and have a hair trigger when it comes to breaking news.

With television, I try to avoid, due to its steady decline in quality and relevance. I never try to patronize the major news stations, as most of them today are little more than soap boxes for democrats to blast republican, or republicans to blast democrats. After that Malaysian flight went missing CNN actually entertained the idea that the flight was sucked into a black hole (as seen here,

Of all modern forms of media, I use the internet the most. There are extreme advantages that unfortunately come with large disadvantages. The biggest advantage is the speed of information, but that comes with a need to fact check EVERYTHING. When then Arab Spring was occurring, some of the biggest stories broke over Twitter, but there were a lot of false stories reported as fact by some news corporations.

I am unsure of my major, but I do enjoy journalism and think I could very well fit into the field.

20 Years of Media

By Hoa Ha

My name is Hoa and I am taking the mass communications course at De Anza College. Through out my life technology has evolved rapidly, I continue you see the advancements we continue to make on old technology. Technology now at a push of a button can transport you to another place instantly. When I was growing up we had internet but it wasn’t as fast as how internet is today. Who remembers what dial-up is? If you don’t, I’ll give you some information about it; Dial-up was our modern day equivalent to the internet we have to but , slower. There was a price to using dial-up, the cost was that annoying noise that you would hear as you were connecting to the internet and the fact that you had to have a wire connected to your computer in order to use the internet was a big minus. Now with the new addition of WiFi, we could get internet almost anywhere without the wires.

I usually tend to stay away from books because it tends to take me a while to finish them. In elementary school when I borrowed books from my school library, they were usually about animals or some new series of books that friend friends read. From there I got interested in reading mystery novels because my friends were reading the A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy. I loved this series not just because the books were thin, but the idea of trying to guess what happen next excited me and drew my curiosity. Now the television one of my favorite sources of media and the one that I feel like I use the most. I probably spend at least three to four hours a day watching TV. It is a source of entertainment without leaving my sofa. The television was also used in some of my classes in elementary school. I remember in second grade that my teacher would turn on Reading Rainbow, to introduce us to new books. I feel that the television and movies are some what similar. They both take me to a place that I have never been too.

The news paper was something that I used for my daily current events in my history class, most of the information I get now about the news is all online. I’m going to put the radio and music recordings into the same category. I use the radio in my car to listen to music and listen to sports broadcaster talk about the latest news. In the future I think that the newspaper and magazines will disappear in appearance and everything that you need will be online. I thank

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